Why Now Matters More Than Any Other Time In Your Life

I’m going to keep this very simple.

I have included a list of many of the possibilities that become available when you live fully in the present moment: 

Now is where all the action is.

Now is even more alive when it is appreciated.

Now offers pure pleasure.

Now is filled with love waiting for expression.

Now sets us free in each moment.

Now is where the light expands.

Now has a river of joy flowing through it.

Now is where the smile on your face appears.

Now makes hope come alive.

Now is the experience the oneness with all.

Now offers awareness that goes on and on.

Now is endless if you are present to it.

Now is the place where beauty sparkles.

Now is where happiness expands.

Now offers the voice of the intuition to guide you.

Now opens you to express your potential.

Now is the home of all inspiration.

Now is where you get a glimpse of how amazing you are.

Now is the moment for living life fully.

Now offers you peace of mind.

Now takes you beyond your beliefs.

Now presents hints of your greater story.

Now leaves the past behind and never worries about the future.

Now welcomes all of life.

Now is where kindness flows.

Now is the place of unconditional acceptance.

Now is where consciousness blossoms.

Now is where you follow your bliss.

Now is the only moment of true meaning and purpose.

Now is where you express what matters to you.

Now offers you the possibility of success.

Now together is what grows relationships.

Now presents you with opportunities to expand.

Now is where food tastes great.

Now offers us a place to feel what’s inside.

Now is the only place real conversation can happen.

Now is where all the fun is going on.

Now offers you the grace of stillness and silence.

Now brings you knowing.

Now is the moment you can fully like yourself.

Now is where the important questions of life arise.

Now is where the Divine speaks to you.

Now offers you awakening.

Now is where your plans take form.

Now brings you into contact with nature.

Now is where you can remember we are all brothers and sisters.

Now is awe-inspiring.

Now is full of the possibilities of great gratitude.

Now is the moment where all creativity comes alive.

Now is filled with of all the positive feelings of life.

Now offers the vastness of what can be.

Now is the gift of living, the present.

Now is where you can look into the eyes of love.

Now is for taking care of your well-being.

Now is where effortless and easy can happen.

Now is the place of endless compassion.

Now is about the unity of all things.

Now offers pure presence.

Now is where you can just be.

Now is the place for playing and enjoying life.

Now is where you can know what is infinite and eternal.


Now – you can explore all of these possibilities. Please share how the journey goes.