No More Holding Back

Do you ever hold yourself back? Most of us do. How do you get in your own way?  Let’s explore why that happens and what you can do about it.

It happens because throughout your life you are being programmed and much of that programming is false. Not only is it false but it goes unquestioned.

What this means is, you have false ideas and beliefs running your life all day, every day and you are not even aware that’s going on.

Are you ready for a healthier expression of you?

You are programmed to think that you:

5 Questions You Need To Ask Yourself

I am in the process of getting ready to re-launch of my blog. I have decided to fully believe in what I have to offer in helping you and others like you making a positive difference in your life and in the world. The times are ripe for those ready to get off the sidelines and fully engage in the game of life. It is time for you to live with clarity and purpose, for you to take what you were given in the way of your unique skills and desires and leave you mark on the world with distinction, determination and with considerable courage.

There never has been or will there ever be another person like you on this planet. What you have to offer if you fully express yourself is a, once in the lifetime of the planet, gift to humanity. You are up to the task or you would not be here in this life at this time in human history. At some level you are here now because you chose to be.

The task before you is basically the same as it is for all of us who care to be more self-realized and of greater service to humanity: to boldly go forward with all you have on board and to do what you are here to do, while being the absolute best you can. There is no mediocre or ordinary in this life because the extraordinary is essential in these times when the great shimmering energies of change call us into being what we are here to be.

Look no further than the messages from your heart, than the intuitive call of the infinite within you, than the urges to create what is needed to shift us all. There is a deep whisper that is requesting your participation in moving forward the process of evolution toward the greater possibilities in all of us.

Along the way you will need support, encouragement, ideas, inspiration, hope, courage, and most of all the highest consciousness and most expanded heart.  This is the intersection where our journey’s can meet. I want to help, it is my purpose to do so. My consciousness and my compassion have expanded to the point where I have something of value to offer you. Your consciousness and compassion have expanded to point where you can receive help and turn that into positive results. There is great power when forces purposefully join together.  I will have additional information about working together as my Explore Life moves to a new and vibrant level. I look forward to sharing this and to hearing how I can make a meaningful difference in your life.

In the mean time I wanted to offer you 5 questions to consider in your mind, your heart, intuitively and with your higher nature if you want to move your life toward the extraordinary:

What is the deepest knowing in you trying to tell you at this point in your life? Are you listening and what are you doing about this guidance?

How are you getting in your own way? What can’t you seem to get past?

What in your life gives you the most meaning, the greatest feelings of aliveness?

How are you working at expanding your mind and opening your heart?

What brings you the deepest sense of peace and connection with your infinite nature?

If I can be of assistance in helping you answer these questions don’t hesitate to email me at You have resources available to you that can forever expand the possibilities of your life.  

My book – Awaken: 100 Questions To Expand Your Mind and Open Your Heart, is a wonderful companion on the journey toward the  full expression of who you are.

Take A Chance On Being Bold

Over the next few days I will be busy with family and holiday events. My previous post is about seeing yourself in new and more expanded ways in 2012. I have an assignment for you below if you are truly interested in making 2012 something special. This next year will most likely be the most important year of your life. The expectations for 2012 are high because of certain indications but only you will determine how you experience this upcoming year. Yes there will be circumstances that will have influence, but you will interpret those circumstances and assign meaning to them through your thoughts and heart.

Imagine seting your mind on the idea that this will be the year of breakthroughs for you, the year you got your life heading in the right direction.  If that is what you want to happen, you have the ability and mind power to shape those experiences. Why not think extraordinary?

With the many changes around the world in 2011 and the now World-Wide Occupy Movement there is bound to be many more changes. You can be part of what happens. The time is ripe for you to make a positive difference. 

What if you left behind, your old definitions of self and began the year by redefining yourself, redirecting your energies, reorganizing your thoughts, and recharging your life with new ideas, more self-awareness, and greater purpose?  What if you deepened your experience of life by exploring inner practices? What if you made feeling good about your life as a priority?  Would 2012 be different than 2011, you bet it would.

Assignment: Grab a pen and paper and write down at least 10 new ways of seeing yourself from the previous post. Then write about how you would implement them in your life in this next year. Be creative, brainstorm, and let all ideas be considered.  Then when you are ready, decide what you are willing to commit to and put together a plan, do a vision board/collage, write a manifesto, of whatever will get the year going with lots of energy and inspiration.

If you feel like sharing, let me know what you are up to; I will do the same.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays To You