Take A Chance On Being Bold

Over the next few days I will be busy with family and holiday events. My previous post is about seeing yourself in new and more expanded ways in 2012. I have an assignment for you below if you are truly interested in making 2012 something special. This next year will most likely be the most important year of your life. The expectations for 2012 are high because of certain indications but only you will determine how you experience this upcoming year. Yes there will be circumstances that will have influence, but you will interpret those circumstances and assign meaning to them through your thoughts and heart.

Imagine seting your mind on the idea that this will be the year of breakthroughs for you, the year you got your life heading in the right direction.  If that is what you want to happen, you have the ability and mind power to shape those experiences. Why not think extraordinary?

With the many changes around the world in 2011 and the now World-Wide Occupy Movement there is bound to be many more changes. You can be part of what happens. The time is ripe for you to make a positive difference. 

What if you left behind, your old definitions of self and began the year by redefining yourself, redirecting your energies, reorganizing your thoughts, and recharging your life with new ideas, more self-awareness, and greater purpose?  What if you deepened your experience of life by exploring inner practices? What if you made feeling good about your life as a priority?  Would 2012 be different than 2011, you bet it would.

Assignment: Grab a pen and paper and write down at least 10 new ways of seeing yourself from the previous post. Then write about how you would implement them in your life in this next year. Be creative, brainstorm, and let all ideas be considered.  Then when you are ready, decide what you are willing to commit to and put together a plan, do a vision board/collage, write a manifesto, of whatever will get the year going with lots of energy and inspiration.

If you feel like sharing, let me know what you are up to; I will do the same.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays To You