Awakening From A Long Sleep, A Personal Note

I began my inner journey about 40 years ago. In fact I remember the exact moment when my spirit began to awaken.

After completing my education degree I was looking at different possibilities for my life, I happened upon a class offered at the local college. Without hesitation I signed up for it as if guided from within.

The class was about the human potential and it was filled with the most amazing inspiration. I felt so alive. I knew I was in the right place.

Today that buzz of aliveness is stronger than ever. I have continued to be excited and passionate about the unlimited possibilities we all have.

I suspect many of you have a deep caring for humanity and what is possible or you wouldn’t be here reading my posts. These sensations of aliveness within us are just the tip of the iceberg.

In the last few weeks a shift has taken place.

Which Way Is Your Way – Yes, Maybe or No?

On Saturday I attended an inspiring presentation by a modern mystic - Thomas Huebl. His talk was so bright that his words filled me with light.

Today my goal is to communicate aspects of that light in hopes it will invite a greater expression of who you are for the benefit of us all.

First let’s talk about what your presiding attitude about life is. The simple answer to this begins with this question, “Do you wake up in the morning with a Yes, Maybe or No?” Is it Yes to life or Maybe, I’m not sure or No this is not working?

The Never-Ending Experiences Of Life

I sensed a shift in a brief moment of awareness. In that moment I realized that experiences never end. They keep flowing through our lives and either we are aware of them or not.

If you take this moment now and expand your awareness you will see what I mean. Right now you are reading this and having responses to these words and ideas. There is the flow of energy in your body as you sit here. There are feelings activated by your thoughts.

You are a stream of experiences flowing through the now. If you pay attention, there are thoughts telling you what is going on and under those thoughts, just experiences. 

Your thoughts are you trying to make sense out of the moment. Your experiences don’t need understanding, they just happen.

These never ending experiences represent more of who you are then your thoughts.

Why You Were Born At This Time In History

There is a growing choir of voices that seems to be abuzz about the need for real change. If you have a questioning mind you most likely have joined this choir. Questioning is powerful because it provokes awareness in you.

With awareness you see beyond the surface. You see where old ideas and false beliefs get in the way. You understand the powerful role emotions play in directing the world and your life.

Presently the dominant paradigm is breaking down. The ego-mind based decisions, that for too long have dictated all our systems, are no longer sustainable. More expanded minds and hearts are called for to lead the way.

When 1% of the population collectively understands the need for real change, the ideas about that change begin to spread across the planet. We are presently beyond that 1%.

When 10% of us understand the need for real change, the ideas promoting change become unstoppable. We appear to be nearing that globally.

Why Does Awareness Matter? How Can It Maximize Your Life?

Books have always been an important source of insight for me. They have even flown off the shelf demanding I have a look at them. Recently a book (The Awakening West by L.M. Lumiere and J. Lumiere-Wins) quietly drew my attention. Immediately I knew words of wisdom awaited me inside.

The words that caught my attention drew me back to my work with awareness. I have seen many people's lives incredibly transformed in a moment of awareness.

Knocking Down Old Walls

The time as we know it is shifting rapidly. If we stand too long in one place we may be left in the wake of dynamic change.

The end of the sheeple class is fighting with all there guns firing because they don’t want to go peacefully. Although their nature is to follow without questioning, they don’t like it when the tried and true for them is look at with doubt.

The old ways are old and tired. To conserve things as they have been is not the way ahead. The echo chamber of the lifeless ideas still shouts but today’s minds are much more occupied.

The days of blindly following are dropping by the wayside because evolution is calling. The ways of might makes right are bucking those that would challenge but the heartless cannot lead with passion.

Come towards the light of awakening, of questioning the status quo, of greater expectations for what is possible. The juice of life flows in the sweetness of nectar from an open heart and a seeking mind. There is only delight in the now, only peace in the present.

Stand aside and let the once grand battle of ego-ideology whimper itself out, the weapons created in these delusions now could ruin everything but greater awareness will win out. Leadership for this new way is now coming into the knowing of many who not long ago spun hopelessly in the culture of things and mindless distraction.

Down the hallway, out into the streets, the game of competition melts away as the aliveness of many welcome the differences of all. Unity, collaboration, creativity, compassion, consciousness, and the greater realization of connectedness now points the way for the transformation of this century of deeper knowing.

If the truth be told it must first be found beyond the past limits of ideas and beliefs. These are times that must wipe the chart clean of the stale and misunderstood. Opinions have become as empty as the souls claiming to know.

What next?

Listen inward, find what makes us feel alive and energized.

Turn to others and listen to the rhythm of co-creation.

Move toward share solutions, the bigger picture for generations ahead, the rightness of kindness, of listening to understand, relax into what feels natural, turn away the programmed distractions and find instead the authenticity of what is real and of value.

Marvel at the resourcefulness of those that would have us all in control by entangling us in the web of unimportance and false differences. The real is never entertainment or diversion.

Explore what is possible. Rest in the space between thoughts. Linger long enough to know what is sure for you. This knowing is beyond ordinary thinking. It feels more like truth with a big warm batch of chocolate chip cookies. Long-winded explanation are not needed.

Then along the way, things release that need to go away, past bumps smooth out, matter takes care of what doesn’t matter.

Now sleep is deep, dreams are alive with insight.

Life becomes the joy of the moment, the kindness of meaningful connections, whispers of inspiration, and the sense of what is possible expands.

And the walls come tumbling down.


A Light Went On – Now What?

The signs were there. Messages kept popping up all over. My blinders needed to be removed. I sensed a shift but too often I held to the familiar. It was like the message was saying, “Come to the light,” but I kept just putting my toe in the ocean when the entire ocean of consciousness was calling me.

My next step to the calling was to say, “Yeah what do you want.” You know with the tone of “you are bothering me.” I was actually somewhat flippant to this inner voice because my mind was thinking this voice is always yakking at me. That mind was the ego-mind that doesn’t like any intrusions on its reign of control.

“All right already, what is it now,” was my next barrier to the light that was poking at me. I was still being run by the ego at the helm. Then I began to listen and the higher mind said ok this is where we connect with the infinite and eternal, this is the soul’s source making itself available. Just a minute I thought, what are YOU doing hanging out with me - my ego-mind in self-doubt reappears. Then I (of my higher nature) allowed the words to come in more deeply. In the now of quiet contemplation I thought I am having a moment of awakening. This was a very reassuring insight.

Then I went off to sleep with the thought that I can live in connection with Spirit, the intelligent creative force of the Universe. This idea brought a great sense of hope for me.

Next thing I need to share is that I have great difficulty with the word God even though I wrote an entire book about God (coming out soon). The word God has been misused in so many ways that I almost can’t say it. I think of wars in the name of God, arrogant leaders using God as their reason for acting the way they do, religious extremists who kill in the name of God, TV evangelist who become rich using God’s name, people who think God’s on their side in a football game, worse of all are the many who claim to do God’s work but fill their days with their ego agendas, and on and on and on. So many have done terrible things in the name of God.  So I won’t use God here but this connection I am making certainly feels Divine in its nature.

When I woke up this morning, the sense of this great energy filled me with light. I let myself sink into the place of just being receptive. I got clear guidance that I was being asked to join with Spirit in all aspects of my life. Asked I guess because of free will or because I had been so reluctant.

How do I now integrate this higher level of Spirit realization? I am clearly guided by this inner voice even as I write in this moment. I will benefit most by being in the now, being mindful of the present moment. Even in noticing this next breath I am present to this greater knowing. Now I have the opportunity to listen, practice, and expand into the full realization that I am Spirit poured into human form.

As I come back the next day to edit this I realize this awakening will mean that I have to figure out how to be in the world and not caught up in it; how to interact with and express Spirit as I go about the ways of daily living? This is much more complicated than I had hoped. As I have read in the stories of awakened individuals, insight and light can be powerful but integrating them into life can take years.  In daily practice, I find my mind often so preoccupied that I am not even in contact with my higher nature or any voice of Spirit.

I now feel like this is what happens, I have been blessed, through 30 years of inner practices, with many deep moments of insight, unity consciousness, expanded awareness and then I tend to push these moments of light back out of my view so I can return to the groove of the familiar. This has made me rich in insights but poor in integration. I am working with how to stay present to my higher knowing, be as fully here and now as I can be in each moment.

What also is true is that my ego-mind is fighting these new possibilities because it knows the end of its rule is near. Not the ego of “boy I am somebody” but the ego of “you don’t know what is going on so do what you know.” This is the urge to move into the safety of the groove of the familiar.

More as I learn more.