Which Way Is Your Way – Yes, Maybe or No?

On Saturday I attended an inspiring presentation by a modern mystic - Thomas Huebl. His talk was so bright that his words filled me with light.

Today my goal is to communicate aspects of that light in hopes it will invite a greater expression of who you are for the benefit of us all.

First let’s talk about what your presiding attitude about life is. The simple answer to this begins with this question, “Do you wake up in the morning with a Yes, Maybe or No?” Is it Yes to life or Maybe, I’m not sure or No this is not working?

How would these responses shape your experience?

Yes – feel the energy and vibration of yes. How alive does your life feel in Yes mode?

Maybe – feel the power of self-doubt and a lack of focus. What part of you wants to stand on a mountaintop and shout, Yes - how can you express that?

No – feel the contraction of that. How does it feel to be run over by life and driven by fear? How do you move into more hope?

Does any of this sound familiar? Please, no matter what - do your best to be kind to yourself if you are stuck in No or filled with the uncertainty of Maybe.

Better to simply acknowledge where you are with a curiosity for learning more. Learning mixed with awareness will bring a fresh stream of possibilities into your life.

Second, where’s your fire? What makes you feel alive? What can’t you wait to do or be?  Fire burns bright where there is aliveness, passion, purpose, heart and you being you as fully as you can.

If the fire is cold or whimpering, it’s time to find what stokes your fire, what turns you on, what makes you want to get up every day and do life?

Find the fire and you’ll find your life.

Are you a person that wants to change the world? If seems there are many of us at this time in human history. What are you willing to commit to doing within yourself? This question is important because it will shape you in ways that change the no to at least maybe or move you from maybe to the fire of Yes.

Awakening is essential both for the world and for your Yes. Everyday life is where you can shift your story from oh no and uncertainty to Yes. The opportunities that life offers you will look like the following:

1.         Your relationship with those you love offer many opportunities to see where you are getting in your way. Any time you are on contraction, closed in your heart, you can become curious as to how and why you do that. It’s really not about the other person.

You could be present to your heart’s closing, feel it and explore how it would feel to open.

2.         Any part of life that keeps tripping you up is another place to see yourself. Hating mornings, being late, eating poorly, being angry and many other ways of self-sabotage are moments ripe for self-examination. An important question – is your mind working as an ally or a hindrance.

If your thoughts are bugging you then why not change them? Do an experiment, change the uncomfortable thoughts and see how it works.

3.         The working life often stirs so much reaction. Issues of authority, control, boredom, meaning, and others get provoked in the working world. In those moments when you’re stuck in the spin of a job, you can begin to wonder what it might be like to be the creator of your life experience.

Once you see you as the creator, then you can witness you as the limiter. Embracing the way you limit yourself will give you the awareness you need to remove the blocks. Then you can set yourself free.

Here’s a thought – you can live anyway you want so why not make it full of Yes, full of wanting more, expressing more and loving more?

Are you willing to make a commitment to you and your life? How about keeping that commitment very simple? All you have to do is listen to your heart and let it to guide you to peace and happiness.

PS I have a passion for helping people get to Yes in life.