Yes to life

Just Say YES

In the last post, I shared with you the basic life attitudes of Yes, Maybe and No. I advocated for the importance of living the Yes way. Yes is the very best response to the chaotic world we live in.

I decided to follow up the last post with what to say YES too. I know in my heart Yes is more fun, healthier and what works best for creating the life you want.

This is a long list which is exciting because that means there are so many energizing and joyous ways to say Yes.

If you are willing to play with this list of Yes possibilities, I can make you a promise – You will love living your life this way.

Each day, in every way, say YES to the following:

Which Way Is Your Way – Yes, Maybe or No?

On Saturday I attended an inspiring presentation by a modern mystic - Thomas Huebl. His talk was so bright that his words filled me with light.

Today my goal is to communicate aspects of that light in hopes it will invite a greater expression of who you are for the benefit of us all.

First let’s talk about what your presiding attitude about life is. The simple answer to this begins with this question, “Do you wake up in the morning with a Yes, Maybe or No?” Is it Yes to life or Maybe, I’m not sure or No this is not working?

From No To Yes, From Contraction To Expansion

One day after a very expansive experience, I decided to go looking for people that have had similar experiences. It was my good fortune to find a number of resources including books, interviews, videos and audios and even several live presentations. In these resources a number of people shared their experiences of awakening and self-realization. One of the insights that stood out for me is what I want to share with you today.

You and I live in a dynamic ever-changing world and we are in constant response to our thoughts and the world around us. In those responses there are basically two reactions. One reaction is to open and be receptive to what is present. The other reaction is to contract and close down to what is present. We are either opening or closing, expanding or contracting in all we encounter.