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Just Say YES

In the last post, I shared with you the basic life attitudes of Yes, Maybe and No. I advocated for the importance of living the Yes way. Yes is the very best response to the chaotic world we live in.

I decided to follow up the last post with what to say YES too. I know in my heart Yes is more fun, healthier and what works best for creating the life you want.

This is a long list which is exciting because that means there are so many energizing and joyous ways to say Yes.

If you are willing to play with this list of Yes possibilities, I can make you a promise – You will love living your life this way.

Each day, in every way, say YES to the following:

The Shocking Truth Of The Expanding Universe and Why Does It Matter To You

You and I are micro-dots on a tiny wet planet rushing through space at a rate that would blow your hat off. For the Earth to make one complete rotation in 24 hours it must travel at 1000 miles per hour. For the Earth to orbit the sun in one year it must travel 66,000 miles per hour. No wonder life can seem to be speeding past.

The latest astronomical research is offering some glimpses into a much bigger picture than was imagined before. The universe is expanding at a rate that has doubled itself in the last 10 years. Now we are told we most likely live in a multiverse not a universe.

Let’s consider for a moment our relationship with this expanding Universe. We are a tiny life force yet our minds are capable of thinking in ways that are equally as expansive as the Universe.