The Shocking Truth Of The Expanding Universe and Why Does It Matter To You

You and I are micro-dots on a tiny wet planet rushing through space at a rate that would blow your hat off. For the Earth to make one complete rotation in 24 hours it must travel at 1000 miles per hour. For the Earth to orbit the sun in one year it must travel 66,000 miles per hour. No wonder life can seem to be speeding past.

The latest astronomical research is offering some glimpses into a much bigger picture than was imagined before. The universe is expanding at a rate that has doubled itself in the last 10 years. Now we are told we most likely live in a multiverse not a universe.

Let’s consider for a moment our relationship with this expanding Universe. We are a tiny life force yet our minds are capable of thinking in ways that are equally as expansive as the Universe.

Contemplate this thought: “You are in the Universe and the Universe is in you.” Walk around for a few days imagining the Universe is in you and see what that does? Is your heart and mind as expansive as the universe? Your soul is.

Too many of us argue for our limitations. We often close our minds with our beliefs and become very attached to our opinions and points of view. We also close our hearts and block our compassion because of the unexpressed emotions we stuff inside.

In addition, we rarely, if ever, make contact with our soul. Many fear their own silence so we intentionally avoid listening inward. How can we expand freely like the universe with all these self-imposed limits? 

How often do we take time to explore the awe and wonder of this world around us? If we did we would be humbled by the magnificence of even the simplest of things.  Living in wonder fills us with the awareness of what is possible.

What of those who insist they know better and don’t need to expand their thinking. They waste such life force rationalizing their own limits and forget to do one of the most important acts of expansion – the questioning of our own thoughts.

What if our own thoughts are not real but just a group of words we give meaning to? How does this realization alter the possibilities of our life? Yes thoughts are real in their impact on us but these thoughts can be changed in any way we decide will enhance our lives.

It is easy to understand that self-limits hold us back. False beliefs, past ideas and never ending self-talk often put the brakes on us moving forward. Changing these inner barriers takes becoming aware of when and how we hold ourselves back. Moving forward requires different choices.

For example if you have self-doubt (most do) you notice when your inner dialog has a self-doubt theme and you change that theme towards one of belief in yourself. This takes work but you can be aware enough to not get in your own way.

What we may not be aware of is that our limiting ideas about others also program us in limiting ways. If we think other people are not okay, not deserving, not smart enough or we judge them in some way, this thinking seeps into our own sense of self.

There is a biokinesiology technique, which has been experimented with many thousands of times. It provides some very interesting feedback about the power of our thoughts. This technique is called, “muscle testing.

What has been discovered through this technique is that our negative thoughts towards ourselves and towards others weaken our response. Muscles show a significant reduction in strength when the mind is in negativity.

So our negative thoughts towards others take our strength away. If we have doubt about those we love, we weaken ourselves. If we hold doubts in our minds about anyone, we drain our own strength.

No wonder we feel powerless when we think of others in negative and limiting ways. If our ego mind is going around in full judging mode, it is zapping our power to respond with strength.

This insight explains why the “blame game” is so disempowering. When we blame others and situations for what we don’t like, we take away our own power to respond. We shrink our power by blaming instead of claiming our power by taking responsibility for the circumstances of our life.

Imagine instead all our thoughts empowering us to expand our mind, open our heart, be strong in body as we reach towards our highest and fullest expression. We can expand like the universe in very amazing ways if we are open. 

Today make a commitment to be aware of those times you slip into judging, argue for your limitations or become too sure of your rightness. Instead turn towards your soul and open to be a truly expansive human being. Now you join your potential with the endless possibilities of the expanding universe.