Why Being Open Matters So Much

Life has a way of shaping you. Sometimes the formative experiences of life push you towards what or who you want to be and other times they bend you away from what matters. 

Experiences that open you up, make you available for all kinds of meaningful possibilities. Ones that cause you to close, be fearful or unsure can send you down a narrow path of less opportunities.

You can interpret life’s events and situation in ways that close you down. You might close your heart to keep safe, or close your mind to be right. You could even let emotions like fear run your life.

You can also take what comes your way and see it from the perspective of learning and growing. That way all experiences add more to your bank of understanding and awareness. You might actual learn to welcome adversity and challenges.

If you are open, you can welcome everything into your life and even turn lemons into lemonade. If you find yourself closed down, the sour lingers and the sweet moments are rare. 

You don’t have to open a lemonade stand to figure out how to transform sour to sweet. You can do that in your mind and heart starting today.

Begin by welcoming all that comes your direction - Put aside any labeling of what is good or bad. Be with what is in a welcoming manner.

Notice your response – You might feel energized, your body could feel closed down, you could become worried or really excited and inspired. All responses are okay.

Acknowledge your feelings – Say to yourself what you are feeling. In acknowledging your feelings they flow through you and are gone. No emotional hang-ups happen.

Now you are open to what comes next. Being open is the way to fully appreciate all the gifts of life.

Here are a few helpful questions you can ask yourself to expand your openness:

Can I be open to what is?

Can I release what needs to be released?

Can I expand beyond any stories I may have about this?

Can I raise my vibrations around what is going on?

Can I enjoy being open to each moment?

Yes you can. When you do, you open the door to a whole universe of possibilities.

I want to thank Hale Dwoskin and his video about the Sedona Method and for my now enhanced clarity about being open. 

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If you have a moment, leave a comment or drop me a note about yourself and what you’re working on to brighten the light you spread across the planet.  

Together we can make such a huge difference. Peace, joy and prosperity to all of you.