Do You Hear Opportunity Knocking At Your Door?

You come equipped with incredible inner resources. You are built for success. You have all you need to fully express who you are with passion and purpose.

All you have to do is open to the wise knowing within. This wisdom is available because you have these inner resources onboard:

o     Your body is ready to guide you to greater health and well-being.

o     Your mind hungers for more exploration and learning.

o     Your hearts is full of loving kindness and compassion waiting to be expressed.

o     Your intuition is whispering to you right now about how to live more fully.

o     Your spirit invites you to expand almost constantly.

Are you open to this deeper knowing? Are you listening to the guidance provided to you whenever you tune in? Do you follow what you know inside is right for you to do?

If so, your life is amazing. Nice work! You are a positive force on the planet.

If not, how are you getting in your own way? Are you willing to open to guidance? Will you commit to do what is right for you?

The choice is simple. You can listen to the wisdom inside or ignore it.  If you want to move your life in the direction that matters to you then the following ways will be very effective:

1.  Each morning picture the life you want - Activate all your senses (sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell) to enliven this visualization. The more you rehearse in your mind what you want, the greater the possibility it will become reality.

With a clear picture playing on the inner screen of your mind, all you have to do is listen inward. There guidance is waiting to show you the way to make things happen.

2.  Pay attention to your body instincts that tell you what you need. - Notice when the body is open and energized. That means you are on the right tract. When the body is low on energy and closing down you have gone off course.

Your body is full of aliveness waiting to carry you to your destiny. All you have to do is take care of it and follow its guidance and you will experience the joy and well-being of a life well lived.

3.  Listen to the mind’s guidance – If the mind is positive, present-focused and clear, it brings together what will work best for moving your life forward. The mind has the capacity to dream big, to see the greater possibilities, and to use creativity and imagination to make things happen. 

Your mind can keep on opening. Become aware of what kind of thoughts expand your thinking; what kind of thoughts close your thinking down. The mind thrives when it thinks big.

4.  The wisdom of the heart is important – the heart wants to connect, wants to expand, wants to be expressed. The heart is full of courage and is willing to take great risks to spread love. If you listen it will tell you when to love and how to love more.

Your heart has an infinite supply of love to share. It gives freely. Acts of loving kindness and compassion fill you with a real sense of aliveness and purpose.

5.  Your intuitive voice quietly guides – When you listen to your intuition, your life flows more easily towards where you want to go. When you ignore this quiet wise voice you get stuck and sometimes cause yourself suffering.

Your intuition’s source is most likely a combination of your higher mind, your heart, the collective consciousness and your soul. It knows - and when you listen - you succeed.

6.  The essential life force within you is your spirit/soul – If you tap into this force it provides you with the context for an amazing life. There is no greater wisdom than this force.

Your soul/spirit is directly linked to the creative source of the universe. It sees the endless possibilities of a lifetime and encourages you to grow into your highest expression.

Following these six magnificent inner forces will turn your life into a dynamic expression of potential, purpose and inspiration. Living this kind of life spreads a great light out into the world.