How Journal Writing Pushed Me Beyond My Limits

I realized recently that my journal writing has been much more powerful than I had ever been aware of. Things have shifting in so many ways over the past year.

Those shifts have been powered by the writing I do daily in my journal. This is not some boring account of my day or a discipline I push on myself. It is more a life force vibrating with meaning and aliveness.

The more I explore it the more vital the exploration becomes. Now, I feel an essential piece of life is missing from my day if I don’t sit, tune in and write.

What makes this writing so powerful is that I utilize many of the ideas that come directly to me via the writing.

This method for me is a superhighway to my intuition, higher nature and the voice of my soul. This knowing takes me beyond the noise of the ego into truly expanded states of awareness directly wired to the highest consciousness of the universe.

Everything I ever need to know is made available to me through this writing practice.  Here’s how it works – with a few further insights that will make your journal writing even more powerful:

1.         I drop away any need to be right or think I know. It seems humility makes me receptive.

2.          I request guidance, which may come in response to a question I have, from seeking clarity about a recent insight or awareness, or just out of the blue.

3.         Then I wait. Soon there are words pouring through the ink of my pen onto the journal pages. Often I can’t write fast enough to keep up.

4.          I accept fully that I am guided and that this guiding voice is infinitely wiser than my ordinary mind.

5.         Insights, fresh perspectives and clear guidance are presented to me. Always I have a choice to use or ignore them.

6.          I have come to understand that clear guidance, when repeated, needs to be paid attention to. If I ignore this advice, it inevitably causes me suffering.

7.         The voice of knowing is always peaceful and feels right as soon as I hear it. Truth always resonates in my being.

8.          My ego-mind’s games are often pointed out even as they try to trick me. I now rarely fall for this nonsense because my wiser Self immediately sees through any falseness.

9.         After clarifying any further questions I always write a note of appreciation for these gifts of inspiration and awareness.

In addition to these ideas here are few insights gained that will enhance the journaling experience: 

* I pay close attention to what shifts me towards being more open and expanded in my heart. 

* I also use the journal to create imagery and ideas of what I want to bring into my life. I have come to appreciate the value of these desires as paths to further realize and express my potential.

* I explore creative ways to integrate new insights into my daily living.    

* I use journaling when I’m stuck and it quickly moves me into more expanded states.

* Journaling brings me fully into the moment and often taps into a great river of joy, light and love.

* I discovered that writing my insights, awareness and understandings gives them more substance and clarity.

I take my journal with me when I venture out into the world. Sometimes I even have to pull off the road when I driving because awareness is streaming through me and I want to take notes.

Let me know what questions you have about using journal writing for awareness and expansion.

I hand you this gift of insight and smile at the thought of your exploration.