Why Does Awareness Matter? How Can It Maximize Your Life?

Books have always been an important source of insight for me. They have even flown off the shelf demanding I have a look at them. Recently a book (The Awakening West by L.M. Lumiere and J. Lumiere-Wins) quietly drew my attention. Immediately I knew words of wisdom awaited me inside.

The words that caught my attention drew me back to my work with awareness. I have seen many people's lives incredibly transformed in a moment of awareness.

Awareness however, is underappreciated. I think I figured out why. To appreciate awareness people need to know more about what it is, why it matters and how to open to more of this inner knowing.

Awareness is about noticing what is going on inside. It is about catching a glimpse of who you are under the mask of your personality and your need for approval. You have thoughts, feelings, sensations, a body, and a heart. Plus you are carrying a backpack full of deeply grooved habits, implanted conditioning, and many memories and beliefs.

To notice all these aspects of who you are is to be aware. Also to be aware is to know that you are more than any collection of human aspects.

Inside of you is a strong call to purpose, to explore your potential and to express yourself fully and creatively. These innate urges, tied in with powerful societal forces to have a career, be successful and multi-task your every moment, are part of your human expression. To notice these is to be further aware.

To observe or hear your ego when it is trying to convince you that there is much to fear is maybe one of the most useful ways of being aware.

There is much you can become aware of. To be aware opens you to the following possibilities:

With awareness you choose how you want to feel

With awareness you consciously shape your life experiences

With awareness you find real peace

With awareness you discover the true vastness of your infinite capacities

With awareness you expand your heart’s expression of love and compassion

With awareness you open to the highest consciousness

With awareness you can heal the past

With awareness you find true freedom

With awareness you live with purpose

With awareness you live fully in the present

With awareness you realize your capacity to create whatever you want

With awareness you make healthy choices

With awareness you learn from all your life experiences

With awareness you open to abundance and prosperity

With awareness you awaken to all you can be

With awareness you find real joy


The gifts of awareness keep on giving to you in ways that make your life sparkle with aliveness and light. In this moment tune inward and commit to being your best and brightest by living in awareness as fully as possible each day for the rest of your life. 

I would be glad to assist you on this journey of awareness. You can ask me questions anytime you want to at joseph@josephbernardphd.com