5 Giant Steps To Take Your Life Way Beyond Where It Is Today

Lately what I thought was real has been dissolving and a new more glorious picture of what is possible has been coming into clarity. This has me shook up inside and very excited. I love change towards higher expression and sharing this journey with you. 

This deeper exploration is about “who I am” beyond any past limiting concepts. I have been pleasantly surprised by the ease at which old self-definitions are giving away to a much larger understanding. 

This exploration is not for the timid. Your personal foundation will be significantly rattled before the dust of self-remodeling settles. Fortunately your inner resources are more than up to the task.

Today I want to share with you five ways of meeting with awareness as you take this journey towards a greater you. These points of contact with awareness each offer you an opportunity to take a giant leap of growth that will change forever the way you view yourself and the world.

The Five Giant Steps:

Say Yes to Contraction – As you interact with the world you either expand or contract. Your mind closes or opens. Your heart opens or is protective. Even your body will move towards or away from what is happening. This movement can be very subtle.

The expansion is about you being open to the experiences of the moment. The contraction is about you closing down because you are uncomfortable in some way. Those moments of being uncomfortable are a window into who you are. They offer awareness and growth.

To say ‘Yes” to the contraction is to turn and look in the window. Become curious about what is going on inside. Question why you are closing down? This inner search brings you face-to-face with what wants to grow or heal.

Awareness equals choices. With choices you can change contraction to openness and move towards greater health and well-being.

Say Yes to Welcoming – This “Yes” is about making all feelings, thoughts, sensations and intuitions welcome. All that goes on inside of you is accepted as part of your life expression.

All that comes your way from inside is just as it is, ready to be received and ready to provide insights. Whether the moments are expansive or contracting, let them all cross the welcome mat at the entrance to your mind.

This acceptance is done free of judging. Yes, you are imperfect just like the rest of us.  Moving from self-judging to self-accepting will make it so much easy to stop judging others.

With welcoming you can receive “what is” effortlessly and with peace of mind. A quiet acceptance allows a big “YES” to so much of life.

Say Yes to Awareness – In awareness the Yes is about the excitement of tuning inwards towards an expanded sense of self. Awareness is self-empowering.

In awareness you can expand how you experience yourself and the world. If you are an aware person you see beyond the narrow spectrum of ordinary thoughts and know much more is possible.

With awareness you make informed decisions about your life because you see the bigger picture, you see what is possible.  Awareness invites you to explore further and further out into realms of understanding that are limitless.

Say Yes to Opening – When you say “Yes” to opening, you say “Yes” to an endless expansion of your mind and your heart. Open minds and open hearts keep expanding into more realization, more potential, more inspiration, more creativity, more understanding and more compassion. 

In the state of openness, there are ongoing opportunities for growth, for learning and exploration of higher expression. There’s even the possibility of leaving your story behind and entering into a new and more powerful story.

To open inside is to open to the highest and most expanded ways of the Universe.

Say Yes to Expansion – Your “Yes” to opening means “Yes” to your expansion. With growth come the fruits of your self-inquiry. You get to be more, see more and enjoy more of what is possible as a human being.

In expansion there is also integration. This is where you take good ideas and bring them into existence in your life. The practice of expansion offers you the opportunity to go beyond any past definitions of who you are.

Imagine expanding beyond the boundaries of “you,” of personality, and of body/mind. Now you can experience presence, higher consciousness, expanded awareness and oneness. This is where you join all other souls and find your way to union with the source energy of the universe.

These five big steps turn life into a big YES. The more you explore, the more love, joy, aliveness and freedom will be yours to enjoy.