Where Is Your Soul Located And Does It Have An Email Address?

In the past few years or maybe it has been all my life, my soul has been trying to keep me heading in the right direction. You know us humans we are always going off course following some tangent of desire or tripping ourselves up with our thoughts.

The voice of the soul is a quiet one. It whispers wisdom for me to listen to or not. It can be in the form of an intuition, an inner guide, a flash of insight or inspiration or the knowing messages from an open heart.

How does your soul communicate with you? Do you listen?

Lately I have been paying more attention. I keep asking for my soul to help raise my consciousness, to open my heart to greater compassion, to guide me to healing and well-being and to show me how to create greater prosperity and abundance. The soul is more than happy to help.

If you could be guided by your soul to create the life you want, would you be willing to listen?

What if your soul guided you to do things you might consider, ”hard to do?”

Would you do them anyway?

Not all the soul asks you to do is easy.

My soul wants me to share with you the following ideas because they are of use to anyone interested in a more dynamic way of being in the world. Many of these ideas will be reminders. My soul says we all need lots of reminders.

  • Keep opening your heart
  • You are not your thoughts
  • Question all your beliefs
  • Be aware of your ego’s influence - ignore it
  • In the now there is great joy waiting for you
  • Living in appreciation feels great
  • You have genius and greatness inside waiting to be expressed
  • You are light - spread your light
  • Find peace inside, share it with the world
  • Stop arguing for your limitations
  • You can heal yourself of anything
  • Have compassion for everyone
  • Find the place of balance and harmony within
  • Spend time in stillness each day
  • Accept yourself and others as they are
  • Acknowledge and accept all your feelings
  • Make personal liberation a priority
  • Stop settling for less
  • Inspiration is waiting if you listen
  • Go for walks often
  • Sit quietly and explore awareness watching awareness
  • Appreciate the beauty you encounter
  • Keep expanding your expression
  • Each day move towards what you want
  • Choose to be open to all life has to offer
  • Choose to be happy moment by moment
  • Live today with all you got
  • Be creative in your expression
  • Be a source of loving-kindness
  • Explore ways to awaken
  • Say Yes to what is
  • Live in the Now
  • Spend more time being and less time doing
  • Open to oneness with all beings
  • Be in the presence of what is infinite and eternal
  • Develop your ability to be an observer of self
  • Move beyond the noise of the mind
  • Laugh often and smile as much as possible
  • Explore and express your potential
  • All souls are connected, tune into that collective wisdom
  • Spend time imagining your oneness with the energy of Source
  • Have a daily conversation with your soul

When you live in constant contact with your soul, life can be really fun and awesome.  By the way, your soul’s email address is: voiceofthesoul@listeninward.com :-)