Knock. Knock. Who’s There? Awareness. Awareness Who?

As a seeker, I have been traveling down this endless path that is ever expanding. I keep hoping for something that clarifies beyond doubt the best ways to be “me” in the world. It hasn’t happen. Has it happened for you?

So I am left with this vast expanding awareness that seems to keep breeding more awareness. 

Can't it be simple?

Maybe, maybe not

Why not?

Well it goes like this:

The more you know the more you realize how little you know.

You can’t be sure you’re right and know the truth.

Life is about expanding not narrowing our view.

Judging is wired in us but it harms us more than helps us.

Awareness is more powerful and useful than thinking.

All the problems of the world are cause by the ego-mind.

The ego-mind is driven by fear and wants more and more power and control.

Those in fear can never have enough power and control.

Greed is based on fear and the need for more power and control.

All beliefs systems have been created by the ego-mind.

All economic systems, all political systems and all financial systems have been created by the ego-mind.

Ego-mind lacks the expanded consciousness to fix our broken systems.

Only higher consciousness can take us higher.

Truth is ever evolving.

You soul knows, are you listening?

Opinions don’t matter.

What others think of you doesn’t matter even though we are all taught the opposite.

Beliefs are not the truth, just ideas we become attached to.

Blind faith leaves you blind.

Thoughts are not real, just collections of words we need to question.

The mind’s ability to rationalize causes endless suffering

Life is totally unpredictable, so you have to let go and trust

If your heart and mind is open, you will have love, joy and peace in your life.

Now that was a bunch of potent ideas. Please use what is helpful and go investigate what interests you. There is truth in all of these statements.

If you truly want to free yourself from all limitations both self-imposed and learned, you have to commit to realizing that you are so much more than your thoughts. Any fears that you have, any beliefs you carry with you, any past programming, any self-doubt, any ego thoughts and any other limits are best released. 

Here is a simple practice to invite your personal liberation. Explore this practice and see what you can discover about the truth of who you are and the true knowing of the universe.

Awareness watching awareness

In this practice you:

  • First become aware of the part of you that is aware.
  • You can do this by sensing what is seeing, what is feeling, what is hearing, what is seeing on the inside. Awareness is not your thoughts or feelings but it is the part of you that can notice your thoughts and feelings.
  • Once you make contact with the part of you that is aware then watch that part. This is awareness watching awareness.

Here’s other ways into this practice:

  • Watch the watcher within.
  • Notice when your attention is on something, what in you is paying attention? Pay attention to what is paying attention.
  • What sees inside of you? See the seer.
  • What observes within you? Observe the observer.
  • In awareness observing awareness, there is only awareness. Be that.

As you can see from this practice this awareness business is subtle. If you find yourself beyond your thoughts and feelings and you see, sense, note and observe who you are, you are in pure awareness.

Enjoy! Expand! Enlighten!

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