Knocking On Heaven’s Door

On the other side of what seems to be reality is a much more profound truth. That truth is that heaven waits for you now. Not the kind of biblical heaven imagined by the inventors of the different religions. This heaven is within.

The great promise of most religion is that you will have a better life in the hereafter. The Truth never lingers in the possibilities of tomorrow. It can only reside in the present moment. Now is the only place where the seeds of human possibilities bloom.

Heaven is not a romp through the tulips but a song that sings itself as your life. You are the creator of each moment whether it’s heaven, hell or dull disconnect from the vibrancy of life.

Characteristics of the true heaven within you include:

A loving heart so vast and unconditional that all is included

Are You Ready Yet To Unhook Your Life From The Past?

My home sits near Hwy 101 on a rural part of the Oregon Coast. I see huge trailers and RV’s go by every day. So it is no surprise that I would use the following metaphor:

Today I realized that for all my life I have been towing a trailer behind filled with the past, overloaded with faulty programming, jammed with false beliefs and full of trained self-doubt.

For many years I added more and more emotional and mental junk to this trailer. I needed lots of will power just to plod along through life and try to keep my head up. 

Too much time was spent thinking I am not enough, good enough or deserving. My mind was trained to be a non-stop judging machine of others and myself. I found it easier to play the blame and complain game than to take responsibility for my own life. 

Have you run into any of this? If so, you understand how heavy your trailer can get.

Why Your Truth Matters Most

Truth is what matters. It is what you and I are here in this lifetime to explore. And it is something we each have to find on our own. No one else can know what our truths are.

There are many institutions and organizations that have their opinions about what truth is. Religions, political parties, media, and science all claim to hold the truth.

But they cannot possible know what your truths are. It is not something told to you or found in reading sacred writings. It is an inner experience of awareness.

Your truth is unique to you. It’s most easily found by listening inward to the voice of your soul or higher nature. It’s your sense of inner knowing or it isn’t your truth.

Knock. Knock. Who’s There? Awareness. Awareness Who?

As a seeker, I have been traveling down this endless path that is ever expanding. I keep hoping for something that clarifies beyond doubt the best ways to be “me” in the world. It hasn’t happen. Has it happened for you?

So I am left with this vast expanding awareness that seems to keep breeding more awareness. 

Can't it be simple?

Maybe, maybe not

Why not?

Well it goes like this:

Why If You Are Sure You Are Right, You Can’t Know The Truth

We live in a world where opinions have taken over our news, our politics and too much of our national dialogue. Opinions are the work of the ego-mind. They are not the truth. They are just words people share in an attempt to be right or to gain power and control over others.

That may not be something most of us want to hear. We all have opinions. There is nothing wrong with our opinions except they most likely aren’t true. They are not true because they represent ideas formed in the past that have not been examined in the present.

How A Nightmare Shocked My Ego And Taught Me To Let Go And Trust.

I woke up wrestling with the energy of the dream. It felt like a disturbing force was running my sleeping mind bent on delivering a strong message.  The dream was a fireworks of visuals that said, “Pay attention to me.”  I wanted to understand but I wasn’t quite ready.

It took me over a year to sort this nightmare out. When I did, it changed everything I thought I knew.

My understanding of that dream happened recently as I was walking along the beach. A bright light-of-insight clicked on and words from a higher place of knowing came to me. This was immediately followed by a flashback to that dream disrupted morning. I now understood.

What If As We Grow Older We Become More Open Instead Of More Closed?

Life’s bumps and bruises cause in all of us a variety of responses some of which are healthy and some less so.

We can take what life gives us, learn from it, expand our minds to take it in, and open our hearts to accept what is. With this kind of openness we can be wise in mind and loving and compassionate in our heart.

We can also fight change, resist what we could learn from, argue to be right, and slam the door shut to our heart if we don’t like what is going on. This reactivity causes us to close down, be angry and too fearful to engage with other hearts and minds. 

5 Simple Ways To Chill Out That You Can Share With Everyone You Know

Is your life a rollercoaster of thoughts and emotions? Maybe you have grown impatient with yourself and you wonder when you are going to get your act together?

Good luck doing that without taking a step out of the ordinary and leaving the habits and grooves of life behind. You are stuck in a muck of your own design.

Stop the poor me. Stop the noisy inner critic. Neither ever works for the better. Instead, raise your head up, look into a mirror and see the great possibility in those windows of your soul. You are in truth a soul in the midst of a human experience. Not the drama you find yourself caught up in.

Why You Should Consider Never Watching The Nightly News Again

One night I was watching the evening news and noticed my stomach was upset and my jaw was tight and I thought watching this is unhealthy for my body, hurtful to my heart and harmful to my peace of mind. I am done.

First - I don’t mean to “should” on you. We all have too much of “you should do this or that,” going on inside of our own minds.

Notes of Interest #3

It’s Friday and I have some quotes to share with you that seem to have real meaning for me and I wanted to share them with you. During the week I put these quotes on my screen for use later and today is later.  I hope these words inspire you.

As you know as a reader of my blog, I emphasize the importance of questions. I love these five questions as a guide for all of our thoughts.  Remember our thoughts are not real, they are just words we give meaning to.


I hope this is true and I believe it to be. We live in an information world where so much of it is with an agenda in mind. Inside is the only place you can find your truth. No one else can tell you what your truth is.

I like this one because it says all can be overcome with the power of compassion. There is no hell except when we separate ourselves from our heart by our thoughts.

As is usually the case, Eckhart Tolle brings light to what looks like the negative.  Even in our darkest times there is something of greatness ready to rise up out of our despair.

Thank you again for Facebook and the creators of these images that come to me from the posts there. 

Enjoy the weekend and dance to your own music.

Notes Of Interest #2

Gandhi had a way of stating things that was "no nonsense." We must live by our truths and speak boldly when needed. Too often dogma and doctrine try to claim the power of the world but our truth is a more powerful force for good.

The importance of questioning everything that matters to you is that it clears the way to direct contact with your soul. Remember you are a spiritual being having a human experience.  My question book called Awaken:100 questions To Expand Your Mind and Open Your Heart is a wonderful aid for the questioning process. (see post below about my new book)

Please take a moment and sit with the words of this picture. Find the place inside where the truth of it is felt. Stay with the connection to the infinite and eternal within you. Now find your way to be a little more self-realized every day.

To appreciate beauty is to transform yourself into something greater. This picture is from the town I live near last night after sunset. I love blue, I love nature, I love the ocean and I love beauty and it is all captured right here.

These photos and quotes all came to me from Facebook and I am very grateful for this inspiration. Peace and joy to you this day.

Is It Time Yet For The Great Search For Truth?

The world is so incredibly complicated. Yet many people are absolutely sure they are right about what needs to be done. This baffles me because there are no easy solutions. How can they be so sure? Even the experts don’t agree about what to do about the problems we face in the world today.

This got me curious about where this sureness of opinion comes from. Maybe they know more than the rest of us? It seems unlikely they know more than the experts. Maybe they go looking for information that supports their points of view? All of us want ideas that support the way we see things. Isn’t however important to see if what we claim is true? If we don’t question our points of view then we have this way of seeing things that is not based on any clear thinking.

Political points of view often fall into this unexplored category where ideas are just repeated over and over even when there is no proof they work or sometimes even clear evidence they don’t work. How come these so called answers to our problems aren’t investigated by those who jump on the bandwagon? Do they think the importance of finding the truth isn’t relevant or necessary?

Thank you, if you have hung on this far. It is probably time for me to get to the point. My point is that we always need to question our thoughts and our opinions. If we don’t then the beliefs we hang on to are from a closed mind. Closed minds are a waste of human potential.

I will even venture to say that people who are absolutely sure they are right about their ideas are most often wrong. They are wrong because their minds are run by the need to be right not by the need to find the truth.

This need to be right is a great problem in humanity. It is driven by the survival mind, not the higher mind that seeks truth. In the survival mind we think the world is out to get us so we live in fear and worry. Fear and worry causes us to contract, to close down. The problem with closing down is that too often that means closing our minds and even more costly closing our hearts.

In some segments of society, the world seems to be having an epidemic of closed mindedness and closed hearts. Sadly people believe all their own thoughts. Many don’t question their ideas even when that aren’t working but fit some kind of dogmatic way of looking at the world.  People actually hold onto false ideas that get in the way of positive possibilities in their lives.

There is no evidence of higher mind at work when narrow-mindedness prevails. The seeking of truth has become secondary to holding on tightly to opinion. Higher mind seeks the truth and is guided by the hearts wisdom, intuition and the part of us that is able to be curious beyond old ideas and limiting thoughts.

Maybe this epidemic is a reflection of our times where uncertainty is the only thing certain? Maybe the survival mind also known as the reptilian brain is in full protection or aggression mode for the purpose of keeping us safe? Or maybe this closed down thinking is because change is so present that people want to do everything they can to hold it back?

Change seems inevitable and part of the process of all living things. The evolutionary story of all species is one of adaptation. In humanity the old stories of might makes right, survival of the fittest and other limiting ideas are slowly being replaced by the realization of the global community and they need to work together for solutions. The survival of the planet and all of us has to be a joint effort with our minds coming together. Yes there are those fighting like mad to hold onto the old ways but they are going to loose the battle. Today is another day. The great values of the past, the ones that matter most, can be brought forward. The past ideas that represent limiting thinking will perish as do the other organism that don’t adapt. There is hope for us who seek positive changes in the world.  

***One of my favorite journalist is returning to TV this weekend - Bill Moyers’ has a new show called Moyers And Company. Bill is a great example of a person who asks real question in search of the truth.