Notes of Interest #3

It’s Friday and I have some quotes to share with you that seem to have real meaning for me and I wanted to share them with you. During the week I put these quotes on my screen for use later and today is later.  I hope these words inspire you.

As you know as a reader of my blog, I emphasize the importance of questions. I love these five questions as a guide for all of our thoughts.  Remember our thoughts are not real, they are just words we give meaning to.


I hope this is true and I believe it to be. We live in an information world where so much of it is with an agenda in mind. Inside is the only place you can find your truth. No one else can tell you what your truth is.

I like this one because it says all can be overcome with the power of compassion. There is no hell except when we separate ourselves from our heart by our thoughts.

As is usually the case, Eckhart Tolle brings light to what looks like the negative.  Even in our darkest times there is something of greatness ready to rise up out of our despair.

Thank you again for Facebook and the creators of these images that come to me from the posts there. 

Enjoy the weekend and dance to your own music.