Are You Listening To Your Wise Voice or The Dangerous One Inside?

Over the years I have come to realize that there are two primary inner voices that direct the unfolding journey of our lives. These two forces are the Self of our higher nature and the self that is ego-guided. To make this distinction within us and to understand its impact on humanity is of the greatest importance. The following is a sharing of insight to encourage more personal awareness about the Self and the self:

Each of you has a higher nature. That Self can be understood as your wise mind, your soul, and the part of you that is infinite and eternal. This expanded Self is your onboard direct link to the source of all creation (aka God, Great Spirit, Allah, Divine Mother, Source Energy and by many other names).

Is It Time Yet For The Great Search For Truth?

The world is so incredibly complicated. Yet many people are absolutely sure they are right about what needs to be done. This baffles me because there are no easy solutions. How can they be so sure? Even the experts don’t agree about what to do about the problems we face in the world today.

This got me curious about where this sureness of opinion comes from. Maybe they know more than the rest of us? It seems unlikely they know more than the experts. Maybe they go looking for information that supports their points of view? All of us want ideas that support the way we see things. Isn’t however important to see if what we claim is true? If we don’t question our points of view then we have this way of seeing things that is not based on any clear thinking.

Political points of view often fall into this unexplored category where ideas are just repeated over and over even when there is no proof they work or sometimes even clear evidence they don’t work. How come these so called answers to our problems aren’t investigated by those who jump on the bandwagon? Do they think the importance of finding the truth isn’t relevant or necessary?

Thank you, if you have hung on this far. It is probably time for me to get to the point. My point is that we always need to question our thoughts and our opinions. If we don’t then the beliefs we hang on to are from a closed mind. Closed minds are a waste of human potential.

I will even venture to say that people who are absolutely sure they are right about their ideas are most often wrong. They are wrong because their minds are run by the need to be right not by the need to find the truth.

This need to be right is a great problem in humanity. It is driven by the survival mind, not the higher mind that seeks truth. In the survival mind we think the world is out to get us so we live in fear and worry. Fear and worry causes us to contract, to close down. The problem with closing down is that too often that means closing our minds and even more costly closing our hearts.

In some segments of society, the world seems to be having an epidemic of closed mindedness and closed hearts. Sadly people believe all their own thoughts. Many don’t question their ideas even when that aren’t working but fit some kind of dogmatic way of looking at the world.  People actually hold onto false ideas that get in the way of positive possibilities in their lives.

There is no evidence of higher mind at work when narrow-mindedness prevails. The seeking of truth has become secondary to holding on tightly to opinion. Higher mind seeks the truth and is guided by the hearts wisdom, intuition and the part of us that is able to be curious beyond old ideas and limiting thoughts.

Maybe this epidemic is a reflection of our times where uncertainty is the only thing certain? Maybe the survival mind also known as the reptilian brain is in full protection or aggression mode for the purpose of keeping us safe? Or maybe this closed down thinking is because change is so present that people want to do everything they can to hold it back?

Change seems inevitable and part of the process of all living things. The evolutionary story of all species is one of adaptation. In humanity the old stories of might makes right, survival of the fittest and other limiting ideas are slowly being replaced by the realization of the global community and they need to work together for solutions. The survival of the planet and all of us has to be a joint effort with our minds coming together. Yes there are those fighting like mad to hold onto the old ways but they are going to loose the battle. Today is another day. The great values of the past, the ones that matter most, can be brought forward. The past ideas that represent limiting thinking will perish as do the other organism that don’t adapt. There is hope for us who seek positive changes in the world.  

***One of my favorite journalist is returning to TV this weekend - Bill Moyers’ has a new show called Moyers And Company. Bill is a great example of a person who asks real question in search of the truth.


100 Expanded Ways To See Yourself In 2012

2012 is going to be a breakout year for humanity. Can you feel the energy of breakthrough in the air? Listen, tune in more deeply, and become part of what is happening. You and I are the ones that are here at this time in history to be agents of change.  The time of gathering your information and building your confidence is complete for now. In 2012 you are called to participate in something so monumental and important that your genius and greatness will be needed to make this year sing the song of enlightened excellence.

Are you ready for this? Of course you are or you would not be here on Earth at this time.

Take a few minutes to tune into these questions:

  • What aspects of you want to be expressed?
  • Where in your mind and body are you feeling most alive?
  • What makes you passionate about life?
  • What is your intuition trying to tell you?
  • How is your higher nature attempting to communicate and guide you?
  • What does your soul want you to understand?
  • How are you holding yourself in check when you really want to be free?
  • What in you that in genuine and authentic is being too cautious?
  • Where do you thoughts and beliefs hold you back?
  • How is your judging mind getting in your way?
  • How does your need for approval keep you too contained? 
  • Where are you letting fear get in your way?

Let me propose new and expanded ways of seeing and experiencing who you are. The follow are over 100 new ways to see yourself:

Mind Expander

Impartial Observer

Awareness Finder 

Explorer Of Higher Consciousness

Freedom Seeker

Open To Learning

Humility Realizer

Limiting Beliefs Buster

Movement Starter

Tribal Leader

Healer of Self

Person Of The Now

Lover Of Humanity

Compassionate Giver

Values Keeper

Passionate Purpose Person


Inviter of Insight

Positive Person

Peaceful Insider

Mindful Minded

One Who Practices Loving-Kindness

Solution Finder

Responsibility Taker

Practical Futurist

Explorer Of The Extraordinary

Quiet Contemplator

Patient Supporter

Wise Minded

One Who Expresses Creativity


Growth Seeker

Kindness Giver

Open Hearted To All

Harmony Enjoyer

Seeker Of Balance

Action Starter

Intention Maker

One Who Focuses Attention

Mover From The Inside Out

Commonality Finder

One Who Sees Unity

Brings PeopleTogether

People Helper 

Inspiration Generator

Thought Shaper

One Who Encourages Others


Truth Seeker

Silent Non-Doer

Well-being Keeper

Clarity Finder

Provocative Poet

Theme Songster

Demand Voicer

Breath Listener

Zen Minded

Yoga Bodied

Tai Chi Moved

Meditation Sitter -

Light Shiner

Peace Monger

Appreciation Advocate

One Who Remembers With Gratitude

Artistic Activist

Habitat Houser

Innovative Imaginer

Common Causer

Spirit Listener

Fear Transformer

Infinite Energizer

Flow Follower

Wall Remover

Aliveness Finder

Lucid Seeker

Need Assessor

Bold Builder

Meaningful Conversationalist

Big Picture Communicator

Mover of Masses

First Step Explorer

Mask Remover

Nature Protector

Future Generations Forecaster 

Global Togetherness Dreamer

One Who Cares For All

Forgiveness Reminder

Self-esteem Booster

Balancer Of Thought And Awareness

Feelings Finder

Story Teller

One Who Welcomes All

Relaxation Restorer

Transitions Helper

Relief Giver

Friendship Finder

Empowerment Advisor

Perspective Enhancer

Viewpoint Enricher

One Who Listens With Heart

Species Protector

These ways of seeing yourself may be expressed in your work, in your relationships and in your personal life. You choose - you are the creator of your life experience. Why not choose boldness?

I have left off nine other self-labels because my wife said they are ones I need to use as part of clarifying my expanded expression (branding). I will share these the special nine in 2012. 

You are awesome and so am I. It is time we all step up and be the light, the purpose, and the hope that resides in us.