The Undeniable Truth: One Planet = One Family

Most of the time we hardly notice how busy the mind is a categorizing, profiling, and judging others. The moment we walk into a room of people the judging machine called our mind goes to work. This is the work of the ego sorting everyone under the falsehood of keeping us safe.

About 95% of our judging has nothing to do with safety and is more about habit and the ego’s need to try to have power and control over others. On a global level we could even say all conflicts within, with others, between beliefs/factions and including wars are started within the judging mind. 

The ego-mind is the source of the biggest lie ever spread through humanity. This lie is that we are different because of our beliefs, our color, our politics, our national boundaries and whatever other artificial separation we have manufactured.

The real truth is we are one big human family on a planet we have named Earth.

How Walking In Peace Will Save You And The Planet

When we are able to take one step peacefully and happily, we are working for the cause of peace and happiness for the whole of humankind.” Thich Nhat Hahn

I want to invite you to join me and walk the Earth in peace.

I am sure you have noticed that the world seems uneasy. Each of us walking peacefully is needed. 

You can start by bringing awareness to your body as it moves. Notice your feet touching the floor or ground, feel your spine in action, be aware of your senses sensing. See what happens when you slow down enough to pay attention this way.

You can become mindful of your steps as you walk on the planet, as you approach work, as you move to your computer or reach for your phone, as you shop in the grocery store, as you enter into the room where someone you care about is, as you visit places in your community, as you go from room to room, and as you make your way towards your bed at night.

Each step you take shapes your experience.

You can walk peacefully when:

10 Birthday Wishes

Today is my birthday and I have 10 wishes. As I blow out my many candles I wish for:

  1. That we all find inner peace so we can finally create world peace
  2. That we all open our hearts and let our compassion guide us to a better world
  3. That we all heal from the past and bring our well-being to share with all others
  4. That we all learn to share so abundance flows for everyone
  5. That we evolve enough to think expansively with everyone and future generations in mind
  6. That we live in appreciation for each other and the gift of each day
  7. That we quiet our judging mind and instead find acceptance of self and others
  8. That we all find our way to the creative flow of our purpose
  9. That we learn to live fully in the moment where everything is possible
  10. That we live with the realization that the Earth needs to be as cared for as any member of our family

Wow what a world that would be and what a way to celebrate a birthday being part of making these wishes come true.

Love, Light and Joy to you,



100 Expanded Ways To See Yourself In 2012

2012 is going to be a breakout year for humanity. Can you feel the energy of breakthrough in the air? Listen, tune in more deeply, and become part of what is happening. You and I are the ones that are here at this time in history to be agents of change.  The time of gathering your information and building your confidence is complete for now. In 2012 you are called to participate in something so monumental and important that your genius and greatness will be needed to make this year sing the song of enlightened excellence.

Are you ready for this? Of course you are or you would not be here on Earth at this time.

Take a few minutes to tune into these questions:

  • What aspects of you want to be expressed?
  • Where in your mind and body are you feeling most alive?
  • What makes you passionate about life?
  • What is your intuition trying to tell you?
  • How is your higher nature attempting to communicate and guide you?
  • What does your soul want you to understand?
  • How are you holding yourself in check when you really want to be free?
  • What in you that in genuine and authentic is being too cautious?
  • Where do you thoughts and beliefs hold you back?
  • How is your judging mind getting in your way?
  • How does your need for approval keep you too contained? 
  • Where are you letting fear get in your way?

Let me propose new and expanded ways of seeing and experiencing who you are. The follow are over 100 new ways to see yourself:

Mind Expander

Impartial Observer

Awareness Finder 

Explorer Of Higher Consciousness

Freedom Seeker

Open To Learning

Humility Realizer

Limiting Beliefs Buster

Movement Starter

Tribal Leader

Healer of Self

Person Of The Now

Lover Of Humanity

Compassionate Giver

Values Keeper

Passionate Purpose Person


Inviter of Insight

Positive Person

Peaceful Insider

Mindful Minded

One Who Practices Loving-Kindness

Solution Finder

Responsibility Taker

Practical Futurist

Explorer Of The Extraordinary

Quiet Contemplator

Patient Supporter

Wise Minded

One Who Expresses Creativity


Growth Seeker

Kindness Giver

Open Hearted To All

Harmony Enjoyer

Seeker Of Balance

Action Starter

Intention Maker

One Who Focuses Attention

Mover From The Inside Out

Commonality Finder

One Who Sees Unity

Brings PeopleTogether

People Helper 

Inspiration Generator

Thought Shaper

One Who Encourages Others


Truth Seeker

Silent Non-Doer

Well-being Keeper

Clarity Finder

Provocative Poet

Theme Songster

Demand Voicer

Breath Listener

Zen Minded

Yoga Bodied

Tai Chi Moved

Meditation Sitter -

Light Shiner

Peace Monger

Appreciation Advocate

One Who Remembers With Gratitude

Artistic Activist

Habitat Houser

Innovative Imaginer

Common Causer

Spirit Listener

Fear Transformer

Infinite Energizer

Flow Follower

Wall Remover

Aliveness Finder

Lucid Seeker

Need Assessor

Bold Builder

Meaningful Conversationalist

Big Picture Communicator

Mover of Masses

First Step Explorer

Mask Remover

Nature Protector

Future Generations Forecaster 

Global Togetherness Dreamer

One Who Cares For All

Forgiveness Reminder

Self-esteem Booster

Balancer Of Thought And Awareness

Feelings Finder

Story Teller

One Who Welcomes All

Relaxation Restorer

Transitions Helper

Relief Giver

Friendship Finder

Empowerment Advisor

Perspective Enhancer

Viewpoint Enricher

One Who Listens With Heart

Species Protector

These ways of seeing yourself may be expressed in your work, in your relationships and in your personal life. You choose - you are the creator of your life experience. Why not choose boldness?

I have left off nine other self-labels because my wife said they are ones I need to use as part of clarifying my expanded expression (branding). I will share these the special nine in 2012. 

You are awesome and so am I. It is time we all step up and be the light, the purpose, and the hope that resides in us.