Knocking On Heaven’s Door

On the other side of what seems to be reality is a much more profound truth. That truth is that heaven waits for you now. Not the kind of biblical heaven imagined by the inventors of the different religions. This heaven is within.

The great promise of most religion is that you will have a better life in the hereafter. The Truth never lingers in the possibilities of tomorrow. It can only reside in the present moment. Now is the only place where the seeds of human possibilities bloom.

Heaven is not a romp through the tulips but a song that sings itself as your life. You are the creator of each moment whether it’s heaven, hell or dull disconnect from the vibrancy of life.

Characteristics of the true heaven within you include:

A loving heart so vast and unconditional that all is included

A mind expansive enough to always be in wonder at the mysteries of life while appreciating the beauty in all beings.

A realized soul guiding you to ways of greater and greater expressions of the infinite

A pervading joy untouched by the false dramas of your human story

A peace so profound it cannot be disturbed by the chaos of your thoughts

A freedom that liberates you for an exploration of life without limits

A light so bright that all the darkness is brought into the dissolving power of awareness

A presence so expanded that its boundaries are as wide as the universe itself

And even more that words are unable to even begin to explain or express.

This is your heaven waiting to be realized in the many moments of your day. Do these heavenly conditions interest you? Can you even imagine them as possible in your life?

Let’s walk into heaven together. I will lead you on a tour:

First let’s take an elevator down below the ordinary noise of the mind. As we go down past the chaos of our thoughts we enter into the silence and stillness of our spirit - of our soul’s realm - where our higher mind resides.

In this silence all the human conditioning is placed aside, the voice of the ego is turned off and the false beliefs and limits fall away. These restricting parts of your personal story in fact only exist in your thoughts and too often most thoughts go unexamined.

In the deep quiet the false is replaced with the light of the now.

In the present moment we enter a different reality, which offers us a vastness of perspective, possibilities and potential that knows no limits. Can you feel this fresh breeze of the infinite washing over you?

In this expanded place of profound stillness we can sit and take in the gifts only available in the here and now. These gifts include pure love, real joy, deep peace, and the bright lights of consciousness, awareness and the guiding voice of our soul.

Let’s sit for a while and experience these gifts. We can do this by allowing them to flow through us – love without limits fills our being, then joy naturally comes into our experience and we vibrate with aliveness. With that we realize that peace is always here surrounding us. Feel the cosmic yes of Om vibrating through the particles of your being.   

Now, right now there is a guiding voice (for many there is more than one voice that represents this ultimate knowing – voice of the soul, voice of the intuition, voice of a guide or guides.) The voice of the soul is the name we will give it here as we tour. This voice is in complete oneness with all soul’s and with the Source of the Universe. So it’s references are impeccable. 

This soul’s voice is always present to guide us on our way. Whenever we need to know what is best for us, all we have to do is enter the silence, listen and be guided.

While visiting heaven I have found having the conversation with my soul or guides works best with a journal where I can make note of the questions that are coming up in me and the guidance I receive. Writing these sacred conversations out helps them from being just words in my head. Instead they become a more concrete spelling out of what insights and choices are being presented to me. As I write, questions and responses that deepening my understanding come up.

What often follows the guidance is an expanded confidence and a deep sense of appreciation. In the moment I offer a prayerful thank you. 

Now sitting in the heaven within, you are invited to take time to allow the guidance to come to you. It may take a time or two to tune into the Divine network but when you do, you will know it because of the spaciousness and presence of this infinite and eternal voice.

Let me know how it goes - love, peace, joy and light to you.