Attention, Attention – Read All About It

Recently I was exploring several ideas about how things in life work or don’t work. After spending time journaling and further exploring my ideas I soon had helpful inspiration and guidance.

The guidance was that what determines how well you and I do things is how well we place our attention on what we are doing. That makes sense doesn’t it?

I want to suggest a more expanded definition than how attention is usually defined – it is not only the focusing of your mind but also of your heart and spirit.

Mind Attention is about bringing your mind into focus in the here and now. This mental focus is very important because what you think about shapes what you are doing. If your focus is scattered, the results will be scattered. If your focus is more laser like, the results will be laser like. If you set a goal and utilize your full attention the results are very likely to be positive.

Heart Attention is more about having your heart engaged in what you do. If you do things half-hearted, the results will be half-hearted. If you have an open and engaged heart the results will be full of you at our best. If you love what you do, it will show.

Spirit Attention is the use of your higher nature to guide you towards what you want to make happen. If your spirit is engaged, you are guided from the place of deep knowing. Deep knowing creates the wisest results. If your spirit is activated the ordinary limits are often dissolved. If things are done from the place of your highest expression, the best will come about.

How might you use the attention of your mind, heart and spirit to create the life you want?

This is a list of both positive and not so positive ways of using the attention of our mind, heart and spirit. You can put your attention:

On what’s working or what’s not working

On what’s going well or what’s not okay

On what you want to make happen or what you don’t want to happen

On peaceful thoughts or thoughts of fear and discontent

On the present moment or the past or future

On what you appreciate or what you don’t like

On a loving heart or keeping your heart safe

On what brings you joy or what makes you mad

On self-realization or what’s wrong with you

On being open or being protected

On working things out or ways to prove others wrong

On abundance or lack

On flow or on who or what is in the way

On taking responsibility or blaming and complaining

On giving or what you’re not getting

On being free or how trapped you feel

On finding the truth or holding on to beliefs

On being aware or tuning out

On collaboration or winning

On compassion or not getting involved

On acceptance of self and others or judging self and others

On taking risks or playing it safe

On the light or the darkness

On being empowered or being a victim

On your access to inner knowing or letting your “will” rule

If your attention is on what you don’t want, you create more of what you don’t want. If instead your mind, heart and spirit’s attention are on what you do want, you then become very empowered to bring about those results.

It’s all about where you put your attention. Why not make it possible for you to create the kind of life you want?

I offer consultations and coaching for those with attention malfunctions of the mind, heart and spirit.

P.S. This past Sunday I went to my first open mic where I took the leap from audience to performer. I sang and played three songs. It was scary and fun. When was the last time you chose taking a risk instead of playing it safe?