Six Life Changing Insights You Can Use Today

Over the last few months I have been sharing ideas with you that I find words inadequate in expressing. This writing challenge is tied to ongoing seismic shifting of my inner sense of self and the world.

At this point in my life I’ve committed to leaving a lifetime of programming behind. Now I am on a personal journey of deepening awareness, expanding compassion and realizing the highest levels of potential and expression.

Recently I’ve had a number of insights that have been very helpful. My hope is you can join me in exploring these higher levels of knowing.

My first insight is why joy matters. I have come to understand that if I feel joy, I am fully present. Joy means I’m appreciating the moment and all it has to offer. My purest nature is joy and my heart speaks the language of joy throughout my day. Living in joy, I reach out to the world inviting others to share in the joy of living.

The second insight is what relief indicates. I feel relief when I align with what I know inside is right for me. This relief is because I’ve put aside the seeking of approval, all self-judging and the ongoing false belief of “not being enough”. Ah! relief is what happens when these old themes are released. I support and encourage others to find their own ways of creating relief.

The third insight is value of light and lightness. I feel lighter when I take life more lightly. I seek the light of awareness and express the light that flows through me. I release to the light what I can’t figure out. I open to the great light of knowing from the eternal source. Now my intention is to spread light wherever I go.

The fourth insight is being peace. When I stop being at war within, I find inner peace. Peace is the vibration of me flowing effortlessly into each moment. I am at the deepest place of peace in the quiet stillness and knowing of the now. I share the peace within as I promote peace in others and the world.

The fifth insight is about the awesomeness of love. My heart center is the best place to hangout for my well-being and in connecting to the world. I sense within an ever-expanding flow of compassion, kindness, caring and love that awaits expression. I bring an open heart to all I do because love is the great healer and best answer to the troubles of the world.

My sixth insight is the importance of presence. I show up as fully as I can in all I do. I bring with me the pure energy of that which is an aware presence. Presence happens when awareness meets awareness; when souls make contact with each other; when the ego-self is replaced by the Higher Self. I bring the gift of presence everywhere I go inviting the presence in others.

Each of these insights keep unraveling and presenting richer flavors of consciousness. Once you get a taste of any of these, your life expands into greater and greater expression of your true nature.