How I Got Rid Of My Enemies, Wrote My Way To The Light And Was Filled With Blessings and Guidance.

This week I want to share several helpful perspectives, which may not seem related but I promise to tie them all together before this post is over.

Each one of these 5 points is worthy of a full post and they may receive that attention in the next few weeks. For now though, I will share these ideas so you can immediately explore what they have to offer:

1.         There are no enemies. The only enemies are in your mind. An enemy always begins as a thought, which creates feelings of fear and anger. This idea is ego-based and is about wanting power and control over others. When you label them as an enemy you can then rationalize your actions.

This false ego-mind - thinking and rationalizing - is the source of all wars and much inner discontent. Change your thoughts and you free yourself from the falsehood of thinking there are enemies and from the discomfort of fear and anger.

2.         Journal writing is so powerful because it brings you into the now where the ego has little influence. The ego is replaced in the now by your higher mind. That is why journaling can open the doorway to such powerful guidance.

In the now you can hear the soul’s voice - your intuition - which always knows what is best for you. You access the wisdom of the universe in the moment-to-moment writing that journaling provides you. This is a very liberating and empowering practice.

3.         If you want to change the course of your life, start blessing yourself and all you encounter. I am reading a wonderful book call The Gentle Art Of Blessing by Pierre Pradervand. I am impressed by the use and power of blessing in many cultures for much of human history.

The basic idea is that you can bless yourself and all others you choose through your inner thoughts and imagery. These blessing enhance your life and those you bless. They open a unique doorway into the vastness of possibilities contained in the universe.

Example: I bless you as you read this post with the bright light of insight and awareness so that you can be enriched in all you do with great love, well-being, abundance, joy and inner peace.

I will share more about this as I further explore this book and its ideas.

4.         There is incredibly wise guidance available to you beyond your ordinary mind. Many seek that guidance through a variety of guides, angels and other entities. If you know of Ester Hicks and Abraham, you know what I am talking about.

You don’t need Ester’s Abraham (not that it wouldn’t be nice to have) because that same source of guidance is within the quiet silence of you. This intuitive source of guiding wisdom is all you ever need to have the most amazing life.

Your higher knowing is the voice of the soul, spirit, intuition, Higher Self or whatever you understand it to be. This wise voice always knows what will make possible the life you desire.

5.         Willpower is not as powerful as heart and soul power. The ego-mind is in charge of willpower. Yes, willpower can be very forceful but its underlining drive is the ego. This ego is about keeping you safe. It know only one strategy - using its power to gain control over what it fears. This is not a sustainable strategy because there is always the need to gain more power. Think multi-millionaires who feel they never have enough.

There are two other main forces that are sustainable and work even better - the power of the heart and the soul. The power of love is well recognized but underestimated. The power of the soul is mostly unrealized and infrequently tapped into. If you let the voices of your heart and soul show you the way then you become an effective manifestor of what you want to bring into the world.

The common theme through these five insights is about the mind and its power to both limit and expand your life. You are the director of your thoughts. You can use your mind to lift you higher. These five ideas will aid the creation of the life you desire. 

One last idea - desire, often bashed by most religion as wrong and a source of suffering, is better seen as a call within to express yourself even more fully. Following your desire is a great way to move you towards the fullest realization of who you are.

Summer is knocking. I hope you have lots of fun, go to interesting places and enjoy the beauty of this time of year.