Why If You Are Sure You Are Right, You Can’t Know The Truth

We live in a world where opinions have taken over our news, our politics and too much of our national dialogue. Opinions are the work of the ego-mind. They are not the truth. They are just words people share in an attempt to be right or to gain power and control over others.

That may not be something most of us want to hear. We all have opinions. There is nothing wrong with our opinions except they most likely aren’t true. They are not true because they represent ideas formed in the past that have not been examined in the present.

If ideas aren’t regularly questioned they cannot be truth. Personal truth grows and evolves as you grow and evolve. If growth isn’t happening, your mind has become closed. A closed mind cannot know the truth. 

The ego-mind however, is sure it has the answers and is right. In politics you see the ego mind at work almost non-stop. The same is true for the so-called “experts” on the news. Their opinions are merely calcifications of their thinking.

Rigidity of the mind pushes us away from true knowing. How can you know the truth if you don’t let in new ideas, perspectives, awareness, insights, and higher consciousness? Questioning and exploring is an ongoing process and essential to the neuroplasticity of the brain.

A flexible, exploring and expanding mind is open to learning, to a variety of points of view, to understanding things differently, and to new awareness that can bring fresh insights about self and the world.  Awareness is powerful and important to sense of self and understanding the world around you.

Truth is an ongoing evolution of personal awareness and greater understanding. If you keep expanding, truth will be there to guide your life.