Dissolving Past Regrets – Simple Solution # 4

Maybe you have noticed that regrets from the past can get in the way of enjoying your life now. Here is a simple technique to help put regrets from the past aside.

When a thought of regret comes, kindly acknowledge you are an imperfect human being. Like the rest of us, you make mistakes.


Now Forgive Your Imperfections


The next step is to forgive where you judge yourself for messing up. The past is over. You don’t need to replay it. Release it. It feels great to free yourself from the past.

In the present moment make contact with your heart. Let kindness and compassion flow through you. Dropping old regrets opens you to self-love. You deserve lots of love.

Loving Kindness is a wonderful practice you can do every day. As the morning begins imagine your heart is open; then spread love and kindness as you go about your day. Share your compassionate heart with everyone you meet. You can even imagine your heart’s nurturing/healing energy surrounding the planet with love.  A day spent loving is a wonderful day.