Time To Stop Blinding Yourself and Reclaim Your Full Vision


Life has a way of blinding us to what’s going on. Things happen and we close down. This is the nature of being human in a world so often powerful and too often overwhelming. What we see is affected by our experience of the world.

A number of years ago I had a very interesting experience and it has left questions in my mind about how much our emotions affect how well we see. One evening before I went to bed, I had a very positive insight and felt uplifted before I drifted off to sleep. In the morning, before I put my contacts in, I looked outside and could read the street sign. The strength of the corrective lenses I wear would make that clarity of vision nearly a miracle.

Since that day my understanding has been that our mental and emotional state affects how clearly we see. Our life experiences also significantly influence how well and how much we see.

What causes us to not see clearly? Have any of the following experiences happened to you?

*  You look away from pain and suffering – No one likes to witness the suffering of others. Sometimes it feels easier to look away.

*  You put your vision for your life on hold - You have big dreams and hopes but life happens and you get caught up in just trying to survive. Your inner picturing of a wonderful life sometimes gets put aside. You try to make the best of what is.

*  You put blinders on to block out distractions – In an attempt to push forward sometimes the side actions of life get ignored. This focus, for brief periods, may make sense. However the danger is that you live in hopes of future goals and miss out in seeing all that can be experienced and appreciated in the present.

*  You close down to seeing the world from other points of view – You can be too sure and too invested in being right. A closed mind misses out on seeing many things.

*  Your beliefs blind you to greater truths – Your beliefs, especially the ones you acquired early in life, may be really holding you back from see the world as it is.

*  You see things about those you love that is unsettling so at some level of awareness you stop seeing what you don’t want to see. You see only what you can love about them. You ignore future serious issues because you just want to be in a relationship.

*  You stop trusting what you see – This happens as life goes on because too often self-doubt creeps in. You doubt your intuition about situations. You don’t trust that what you see can actually be.

You can summarize much of this simply by understanding you don’t see what you don’t want to see.

How much are you missing out on?

Seeing with your full sight again means:

  • ·      Learning to trust again what you see
  • ·      Turning toward what you have turned away from
  • ·      Growing the eyes of compassion by reaching out for those in need
  • ·      Reclaiming your vision for your life and live in alignment with your purpose/meaning
  • ·      Seeing again with your intuitive knowing
  • ·      Opening your vision to a larger perspective beyond your normal focus
  • ·      Questioning past beliefs so you can see more fully what is true for you today
  • ·      Looking beyond what you tend to ignore and be receptive to see what is
  • ·      Seeing those you love with both an open heart and a kind acceptance of who they are  

Reclaiming your full vision, seeing all you can see, opens you to take in the beauty, wonder and amazement of all of life.  Seeing the world in all its entirety allows you to see more and be more.