Why Love Matters More Than Anything Else In The World

LOVE is really all that matters. Let your heart feel the truth of love. Imagine a world filled with love and more and more hearts everywhere open to love.

All these article and seminars about finding purpose, searching who you are, and what to do with your life can be distilled down to one simple truth – your purpose, who you are, and what matters is to spread love with an open heart everywhere you go.

Love can solve all the world’s problems. There would be no need for war. Greed would disappear. Acceptance would guide all our interactions. Even politics and religion would mellow out when love is truly the guiding principle.

Love makes your life awesome in so many ways. Why not commit to being an ever-expanding river of love flowing out into the world?

Practice each day visualizing your heart opening and spreading the light of love out into the world. See, feel and sense your heart spreading love to all beings. Imagine your love nurtures, heals, inspires and lifts everyone on the planet.

Yes there is that fun love of a passionate encounter - the kind movies are made about. Real love has some of that but offers so much more.

Love is magic because it is so empowering to all involved. If your heart is wide open, you see the world from a much more expansive viewpoint. With real love, kindness and compassion flow richly through your life.

Today imagine and experience:

Love from your heart spreading light out into the world.
Love bringing joy to all your encounters
Love generating healing energy to flow through you and out into the world.
Love making peace possible because we have compassion for each other  
Love setting us free to love even more.
Love reminding us of our capacities for kindness and compassion
Love encouraging us to be aware so we might help end suffering on the planet.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, that is all there is and all you have to do.