Why Being Is More Powerful Than Doing

First a quick summary: You may have noticed that I often revisit ideas. I do that for several reasons:

1.         I have discovered that my own journey towards self-realization benefits from looking at ideas and concepts from variety of perspectives. I suspect that is true for you.

2.         Reminders seem very helpful in these times filled with such distractions.  I am curious what you need to be reminded about as you move towards your highest expression? Please leave comments below.

3.         I find that every time I read something I resonate with, I expand in my awareness; I open to a greater understanding. At this blog I explore timely issues for each of us on a path of awakening. What kinds of ideas resonate with you? Comments welcomed.

I hope you find this summary helpful and a good-lead-in to one of my favorite themes – Being and Doing.

We live in a doing world. We judge ourselves and others and others judge us according to our doing. It is very easy to get caught up in the idea that - what you do is who you are. I would encourage you to question that learned belief.

Interesting enough, few pay much attention to being. Yet the quality of your being has the most powerful affect on your life and how you relate to others. Being in the presence of life and to others is an incredible gift. This being-ness often may go unnoticed but it’s always felt at an inner level.

Being only happens right now, in each moment. Being brings with it a rich and wonderous supply of positive possibilities. Love, light, peace, joy and the opportunity to set yourself free, sit there waiting to be realized every moment you are being.

Doing is what happens at work. Many of the day’s tasks are about doing. Doing is what you do out of requirement, habit, need, planning and even for fun.

Being is just being, no requirements or expectations. All is new, fresh, alive and potent.

In doing you set a course for life and pursue goals. This is a very sensible way to live. It can seem like doing is what your life is about.

Being has no goals. It simply is living in the now - the now that can be nothing else but the now.

So far so good, but let me now invite a deepening here. I want to suggest that in each moment you are fully present, you create a sacred space for your life to blossom. In this space you can blossom in a number of ways:

*  Your life can become a wonderful bouquet of aliveness, expression, consciousness, and love.

*  You can live joyously and peacefully as you meet and greet the world each day.

*  You can expand your heart’s expressions so you are filled with compassion for all beings.

*  You can bring a bright light wherever you go through your words, your thoughts and your actions.

Being is the doorway, the path and the golden moment. Yes, if you want you can toss lots of doing, but never at the cost of crowding out your being.

Be. Just be.