Why Living In The Now Is The Most Important Thing You Can Do

It wasn’t a slap in the face or a shout from the heavens but I knew this message was important for me.  The bright sunny morning walk on the beach was quiet. I was tuned inward. I was breathing and walking mindfully when a clear, quiet message came in via my intuition.

The message said, “Welcome to this moment. Your work at this time is to live fully in the now. Nothing is more important than doing so. All that you will do for the rest of your life will flow from this focus of living in the now.”

Moments later I found a large, beautiful agate that now sits on my desk. My wife calls these stones, ocean stars. Right now as I write this, my agate serves as a reminder that being present is where I need to be.

Why does this matter to you?

Maybe it doesn’t? But if you are reading my blog, you and I are connected by purpose, as fellow journeying souls or because our paths have crossed. It matters because as you read this, I am talking to a part of you that is saying, “YES” to living fully in this moment.

Now is where all the action is. I have written this line often but I want to emphasize why it is so important to live fully in the now. I am confident that being present does matter to you and the quality of life you want to create:

Now is where all that matters happens

Now is full of hope for what comes next

Now leaves the past where it belongs

Now plans for tomorrow but lives today

Now is where love blossoms and spreads out into the world

Now is where joy naturally arises from being present to life

Now is where the bright lights of awareness, insight and consciousness happen

Now quiets the ego

Now shrinks your fears to unimportant thoughts

Now is where you find true peace inside

Now is where real freedom exists

Now is where the past is healed

Now is where happiness is just a choice away

Now is where you see the beauty that surrounds you

Now is where you appreciate all the gifts you have been given

Now is where you find your unique genius

Now is when you step on the stage of life and express your greatness

Now is where your intuition guides you

Now is where you find your connection to your soul

Now is where you get to interact with the divine in you and the Universe

What else do you need to know?


This is the formula for an amazing life. 


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