Shrinking Self-Doubt To A Whisper From The Past – Simple Solution # 3

This is another in the simple solutions series that offers a quick on-the-spot strategy to deal with inner issues. To have self-doubt is to be human. However self-doubt is not necessary.

Become aware of those moments in which the voice of self-doubt speaks to you. Experience what this doubting of self feels like inside. Acknowledge that you are experiencing self-doubt.


Then Move Away


Realize that self-doubt is just a thought.  You can take back control of your mind and plant a more positive and confident thought like, “There is genius and greatness in me waiting to be expressed.” Or choose a positive phrase that is charged with real meaning for you.

Old limiting beliefs about yourself can be a nuisance if you are not aware of them. Even when you are aware, this old programming will take some effort to uproot. Patience and persistence helps.

Mindfulness works wonders. I have written a number of posts about mindfulness and can guide you in developing a practice. Mindfulness of your own inner dialogue will change your life.