Now Is Where Peace And Joy Reside

Each day is a new day. This moment is totally fresh if you don’t bring thoughts from the past or worries about tomorrow to clog it all up. In this moment you can create whatever experience you want.

You don’t have to be haunted by a past relationship, or something you felt you should have done better. This moment is free to be fully experienced as wonderful moment in your life.

Too often you can show up with a trail of regrets and disappoints and fill what could be amazing with what wasn’t. Have you ever done that? It doesn’t have to be that way.

You can let all that isn’t happening go. You can release the past hurts and regrets. If you don’t, you carry them with you. Then you miss out on what good things are happening because you are too busy with what went wrong.

Living moment by moment makes if possible to enjoy the gift of the present. The present is truly where:

All the fun is

Joy flows like a river

Freedom is waiting

Love springs eternal

Creativity is endless

Awareness enlightens

Silence offers guidance

Peace of mind and heart reside

If you want to experience life at it fullest, now is the only place to be. If you want to be happy now is where you find it. If you want to make a difference or have more meaning and purpose, now is where it begins.

Here are four simple ways to live in the now, be at peace and find happiness:

1.  Sit quietly, take a relaxed breath and be in this moment. Don’t try to change it. Just be with what is. The longer you relax into the moment the more it surrounds you with its calming and nourishing vibrations.

2.  Stop the doing and just be. Being means you are present to whatever is going on. If you are washing dishes or working at your computer, you simply notice what it is you are doing and be fully present to it. You feel the warm water on your hands or the touch of the computer keys and enjoy.

3.  Take this moment to observe what is going on inside. Notice what sensations are in your body, feel your feelings and watch the parade of thoughts as they march through your mind. This observing is done without judging. You observe and become aware of who you are in this moment. With this awareness you then have choices on how to shape your experience in the now.

4.  Spend time in appreciation and gratitude. When you focus on what you appreciate you bring yourself to the now where appreciation happens. Gratitude spreads joy in you and all those you thank. 

Have a wonderful winter.