The Ten Commandments For Healthy Living

No, this is not a mythical story about a guy coming down from a mountaintop. It is more about the basics of what you need to keep in mind to live a vibrant and healthy life. (Thought you might appreciate these ideas for 2013)

These commandments may actually be more useful than the original ten in stone. More useful because they are about the well-being of your mind, your heart, your body and your spirit.

One day in my early 20’s something became very clear to me. I was walking up a long set of stairs and was breathing hard. I made a clear decision in that moment to be healthy and keep fit.

I made that decision because I wanted a long and vibrant life. I knew then that my choices about my well-being would shape the rest of my life.  

Since that day my study and exploration of health and fitness has been a key part of my life. I have learned there are a number of universally important ways of being in the world that optimize health.

The following are 10 Commandments For Healthy Living. I offer them as a guideline for you in creating a life of true health and well-being.

1.         The first commandment is to question your own thoughts and beliefs. Thoughts and beliefs are not real, just words passing through your mind that you decided are meaningful. Many thoughts and beliefs you have limit you and your well-being.

It is time to become aware of any limiting ideas that you might have. Time to let them go. Today have your mind be all about healthy thinking. 

2.          The second is to acknowledge how you feel. As you acknowledge your feelings they flow easily through you. Feelings matter - they begin as thoughts so you can be aware of your thoughts and change them if you don’t like how you feel.

Feelings are also a clear source of feedback. If you are feeling positive, energized and happy – you are heading in the right direction. If you feel negative, depressed and unhappy – you have gone off course.

3.         The third is to have an open mind. An open mind allows you to keep on learning and growing. If truth matters to you, your mind must always be open to expansion.

A closed mind is inflexible and stagnant. Being fearful, needing to be right and in control are all aspects of a closed ego-mind. An open mind frees you to enjoy life and those around you.

4.         The forth is to have an open heart. An open heart is filled with love and compassion for you and others. A closed heart blocks off your connection to yourself and to others.

A giving heart acts with loving-kindness and uplifts you and those touched by your heart. Joy and happiness come from having a loving heart.

5.         The fifth is to focus on what you appreciate. This may be one of the most powerful ways of living happily in the world. When you are focusing on appreciation and gratitude, you live in the moment where all that is wonderful happens.

The more you take time to appreciate yourself, others and the world around you, the more you create additional opportunities to live in gratitude and appreciation.

6.         The sixth is to take care of your body. This one is not complicated. Be fit, flexible, strong, eat well, get lots of sleep and let go of any lingering tension from unexpressed emotions.

The body works best: when it is taken care of; when you feel what you feel; when you release the past; when you stop worrying; and when you let the energy of life flow richly through you. A positive mind equals an energized vibrant body.

7.         The seventh is to nurture your relationship with your higher nature. You are an intuitive being, blessed with a guiding soul capable of bringing you into very expanded states of consciousness and well-being. Beyond your ordinary mind, you have a higher/wise mind that can become fully awakened.

Living in direct contact with the spirit within brings you into connection with the Source of all creation. Try this idea on: “You are the Divine poured into human form.”

8.         The eighth is to find your own truth and keep on growing. Your truth matters most. You cannot live by the truths of others. Your search for truth is a life long journey.

As long as you keep growing in awareness, consciousness and compassion, you will feel good about yourself and your life.  Make it your goal each day to grow in ways that expand your mind, open your heart and deepen your connection with your soul.

9.         The ninth is to make a positive difference in the world. You have a purpose unique to you. This purposeful expression involves having an open heart and creatively expressing who you are in ways that feel alive and energized.

A meaningful life comes from touching people in ways that enhance their lives. You are here to spread your light, love and joy and feel excited about life.

10.        The tenth is to have fun, enjoy life and be happy. Life is a wonderful experiment. It can be lived in the now where fun and joy happen easily and effortlessly.

Happiness is a choice you can make every day. If you don’t enjoy what you are doing, it is time to do something else. Whatever brings you the greatest joy, do more of it. 

Living by these 10 commandments will make life a joyous adventure. If you have any question or want support with any of these, I would gladly be of assistance -