You Can Make 2013 Rock

Welcome to 2013. What lies ahead is unknown but one things is for certain - you will be the creator of your experience. Exciting isn’t it?

What matters to you?

What has purpose and passion for you?

What inner messages are waiting to guide you forward?

Who do you want to become over the next 36O plus days?

What are you committed to make happen this year?

Do you have goals and plans for this year? If not, how will you direct your life towards the results you want to create? If so, what inner resources will you call on to maximize your success?

Goals and plans are helpful especially ones that are specific and measurable.

If you want to be healthier, you could commit to going for an hour walk every day or doing 30 minutes of exercise 5 times per week. 

If you want to write the next great American novel or a world changing book, you could write for an hour every day. In a year you would have a book.

If you build a social media following (on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and others) this year, you could have an excellent platform to launch your new book or start a new business.

If you want to change the world, set up a plan of taking specific actions each day. Then get others involved and soon create a movement.


The possibilities are absolutely unlimited.


Now is where it all begins. All you have to do is listen inward and let your higher nature be the guide.

Here are five ways to get this year going right from the start:

1.         Make a conscious commitment to do what matters to you. You must do what has meaning and purpose for you. If you want to change the world, how will you empower yourself and others to be positive forces for a better tomorrow?

2.         Commit to expand your life.  Life feels better when you grow. If you want to expand your relationship with your soul/God/creativity/genius, what time commitments will you make to listen inward and do what you are guided to do?

3.         Set a standard of excellence.  No mediocre anymore. If you want to live your life with mastery and express your greatness, are you willing to commit to do what it takes to be your best? 

4.         Be aware. Through awareness you unlock the door to your inner greatness. If you want to be happy, have love and create an amazing life are you willing to commit to living in awareness each day?

5.         Make health a priority. Taking care of your body, mind and emotions makes your whole life work better. If fitness or diet matters, what are you committed to do each week that will meet your goals?

Now go make your life happen in ways that fills you with a sense of awesomeness.

PS: Over the next few weeks I am going to provide you with some very valuable tools to help make this year special. I am excited about 2013. I’m confident it will be amazing.