Nine Ideas To Make 2012 A Year Of Positive Changes

The beach walk this sunny morning was nice. I found a really beautiful agate as I walked and enjoyed the cool fresh air. 

I wanted to continue on my theme yesterday about finding hope. How do we build hope into this next year? 2012 is supposed to be an important year in human history. My belief is that are minds are very powerful and that if we decide to make 2012 a powerful year, we will. I propose that we put together some positive ideas for 2012 and bring our collective minds and hearts together to make this year the most powerful in human history. 

Nine Ideas For 2012:

  1. Redirect the dominance of greed in the economic sector towards how can we make a positive difference for all humanity.
  2. Redirect the money influence in elections to funds for healthcare for all, to end hunger and homelessness, and others acts of compassion and kindness.
  3. Commit to taking better care of the planet through developing others sources of energy and going greener.
  4. Make education a priority by expanding creative expression, values exploration, and successful communications and reducing the importance of test scores.
  5. Put people to work by creating a meaningful work initiative, there is much that needs to be done for the good of communities.
  6. End corporate personhood and instead make all corporations accountable to the people and the planet.
  7. Change the idea of endless growth as the savior of humanity to careful growth with future generations in mind.
  8. Change politics towards honesty, finding solutions, and truly serving the needs of the people.
  9. Make peace a priority and stop ruining our nation’s financial well being by spending trillions of dollars on killing machines.

What would you change or add?

We all can make a difference.