The Age Of Mindfulness

Listening to an interview of Jon Kabat-Zinn (at Sounds True), I experienced my thoughts expanding into what was possible in a world where mindfulness informed humanity. What would a world be like if wisdom was our guiding force, if peace of mind was how we experienced our self, if being fully present was what mattered, if loving-kindness was our way of interacting with self and others?

The idea of an age of mindfulness stirred in me: a sense of excitement about what is possible, a vision of a better world were we all cared about each other, and hope for new possibilities and solutions fueled by our deeper knowing and our compassionate heart.  The future seems so much brighter when together we are intentionally seeking awareness and understanding beyond the ordinary thoughts, concepts and beliefs that too often limit our sense of self and the world.

A world guided by mindfulness might include people:

Living a heart-centered life

Less judgmental and more accepting

Balancing thought with awareness

Tuning inward for self-understanding

Finding inner peace through watching the mind

Compassion for self and others

Listening to each other with an open heart

Resolving conflicts together

No longer run by their fears

Rediscovering and more fully expressing their creativity

Acting with all the people and the planet in mind

Engaged in thoughtful and heart filled discussions

Seeking solutions instead of finding fault

Learning from the universe in moment-to-moment awareness

Stepping back from their reactivity and stepping forward more open to possibilities.

In my work and personal life, I have explored and taught mindfulness for many years. I have benefited greatly from the awareness and insight gained and my clients have repeatedly reported how much they value mindfulness. 

*** My new book, Awaken:100 Questions That Will Expand Your Mind And Open Your Heart, will be available in January 2012. This book draws greatly upon the wisdom and the many gifts mindfulness has given me over the years. I am very excited about sharing this book with you.