Social Networks (Not CPAC) Can Help Transform The Planet

Go Egypt Go!!!

Politics have been on my mind lately as I am sure it has been for most with the near miraculous transformation of Egypt happening before our eyes.  There is still so much to be decided there but the people decided that their repression was over.  The same forces of non-violence have been a powerful influence in our own country’s history thanks to Dr King.  From what I understand Facebook also played a role in this amazing event.  Social networks are beginning to understand their power and their potential to influence positive change is immense.  Big expansive ideas can gain traction by spreading the word with so many people linked together. 

Then you have CPAC (the Obama bashing organization) the opposite of big expansive ideas, where the egos battle each other to see who can be the most narrow in their thinking.  Their idea of freedom is to eliminate government and let profits and greed be the guiding principle for this nation.  The radical religious component of this group is actually much more dangerous to the American Way then Muslim brotherhood. 

The religious right actually believe their own very narrow beliefs and expect the rest of us to follow along.  Narrow mindedness is the definition of true repression.   Narrow mindedness is about closing your heart down and excluding those who don’t think the same as they do.  This narrow tent of thinking spreads much fear and hate and offers no positive big ideas or solutions except to return to the past.   They shout for balance budgets but whenever they get into power they spend like crazy on building up the military and supporting oil, banking and other giant mega corporations because they actually believe their own fear driven minds.  Think the financial disasters of the George W Bush era, which are still haunting us.

My hope is that social networks will be part of real transformation across the planet, which includes:

Helping us move past narrow thinking everywhere 

Replacing corporate greed so it is no longer the dominating force in this country or anywhere in the world 

Awakening compassion in people where judging and fear now dominate 

Expanding higher levels of consciousness through all of us so we can more fully realize our positive potential

Opening us up to the creative flow of ideas and solutions to energy, healthcare, food, water and all other needs for the planet.


What are you hopes for positive change?