Novel Adventures: More Free Flowing Creativity

Junctions set me wondering where all the options could take me.  I decided to take an inner journey to explore the complications the junction decision matrix.  Not long after the sleep master took over I found myself coated in a thin white layer of protection because my traveling buddy said we were rocketing to the outer edge of the universe.  This is rocketing by some means of self-propulsion that our higher nature knows about but for some reason keeps it secret.  Can you image the airlines industry crashing if we could all rocket wherever we wanted to go? 

Let me hold a minute of silence in sadness over this  business sector nightmare.   Ommmmm

There may be a problem though.  According to what I have been told about this ability I could be across the universe in seconds.  Now wonder the protection is needed.  So does that mean I could be at my brother’s house in Oregon in minus time.  What if I over shot my destination by less than a second? Would I end up in Katmandu or some other mistaken destiny?

So we (me and my infinite self) got to the outer edge and I had this horrible feeling of uncertainty.  According to a friend of mine who is so smart about science, he said we can’t go out of our universe because all the particles/atoms are confined to this universe.  I guess this means we live in a closed system, does that mean we still have free choice if each atom is interrelated?

Back at the outer edge, which is surprisingly defined I hesitated to step across and mess with the balance of both universes.  What would the universe do with my mess of particles exiting the Milky Way stage?  And would I cause the other universe an overload of cataclysmic proportions? 

I won’t know on this journey because we found a door and opened it into this all white backstage kind of setting and I went looking for Ed Harris and Truman.  What is this place?  Off I went to a deeper state of sleep and here I am back full of questions and tasty dinner. 

The licorice tea spunked up my mouth as I still felt dazed by my journey.  The white protective stuff lies like dust on my blanket.  I did have this adventure?  If I only knew what it all meant. 

The message I got today from the universe was compliments of my dog.  He told me that if you live in positive anticipation there is much to wag you tail about. 

By the way, at they say don’t put a gerbil in a pool of water because they don’t like it and it is a mean thing to do.

(Maybe this is the beginning of an e-book brief novel series and we can share where the flow takes us.  Will you join me?  My mom thought about being a writer but never did and most of us have books of ideas so maybe we can explore this idea as novel adventures or real life explorations?)

An image of my cousin Sharon and I walking down the street in Palm Springs and talking about life has come up lately and that would be very nice.

I made it back to the end of the universe and entered into this white room and then when I went down the hallway things began to change it was like an underground aquarium except that I was looking at the edge of the next-door neighbor universe.  Maybe we can’t travel beyond this universe?  Oh no, that means Star Trek isn’t even possible.