From Be Here Now to Be Love Now

Be Love Now is a really wonderful book with Ram Dass sharing his lifetime of insights and consciousness.  He talks of the early days of his spiritual journey and joy of spending time in the pure unconditional love of his teacher Neem Karoli Baba.  I have been blessed to attending many of Ram Dass’s talks, listening to his presentations and do a weekend retreat.  My connection to him began by reading his early books Grist For the Mill and The Only Dance There Is and then the classic Be Here Now.  Jim a friend I made working nights at a Psychiatric Hospital introduced me to his books and I have been a fan every since. Thanks Jim.

Ram Dass to me is the first American Saint for his journey into spirituality and all the many lives he has touched and awakened.  Teachers like Ram Dass are a gift to humanity.  His light has lifted us all.

What teachers, what books, what inspiration has helped you more fully express who you are?

In Be Love Now Ram Dass shares powerful reminders to anyone who has been on a spiritual path.  This is not about religion; this is about exploring our spiritual nature free of any dogma or doctrine.  What comes of this exploration is often a much more positive sense of self, a deeper connection to others, and the awareness that come from being a more conscious human being.  

Just yesterday with my wife and a friend we read through parts of the brown section of Be Here Now and had a wonderful conversation.  A few years back, I did a collage series from this book because it was so inspirational to me.   

Here are a few of my collages in honor of the teachings of Ram Dass and his loving Guru Neem Karoli Baba: