Say No To Corporate Greed And Religious Righteousness

There is so much that we all need to be questioning and concerned about within the political arena that I have to write about it today.   I have decided that GOP stands for the God Of Profits also known as greed.  The attempts to eliminate unions and collective bargaining were ramped up during Reagan’s presidency when the wealthy got huge tax breaks and the unions were bashed continually by Reagan who was clearly a puppet of corporate interests.  How long will people allow those who don’t care about us to hold elective office?

It is good to see the people of Wisconsin are up in arms over the GOP governor who mismanaged the state and now he wants to blame the unions.  Typical moves when greed and ego are in charge.  Unions have long served a positive purpose in protecting workers from the greed machine.  Unions are imperfect like we are but the bashing of them is for only one purpose – to maximize profits.  Are profits more important than people?

The far right in Congress has actually entangled their confused sense of God into not funding birth control and other important Planned Parenthood programs (no abortions would have been funded by this money in case that is an issue for you.)  This seems to be really a war on women as if they don’t matter and run by some kind of very mixed up rationalization of the ego mind.  Is it ok that those in power want to take away women’s choices? 

I am a mental health and addictions professional and I work with people every day who were incredibly damaged by parents who were not ready for parenthood.  Birth control and lots of it is essential to the health of the nation since those in Congress are not willing to pay for the less fortunate, to fund needed programs to offset the trauma of these young people’s earlier years.  The method this nation has decided to use to deal with all those who weren’t wanted or weren’t protected as children is to put them in prison for the levels of dysfunction.  Is it ok with you that someone you may know who was badly traumatized as a child will be put in prison when their trauma causes them to makes the wrong choices in life?

The God Of Profits group also want to repeal the health care bill, which although far from enough it represents a move in the right direction.  Not if you love profits more than people.  This is again all about maximizing profits for the insurance/medical/drug industry and not caring about the majority of people who could loose every thing because of the high cost of healthcare.  It seems today everything is driven by the profit motives with not the least concern about what is right for the people.  Is this really ok with you that more profits matter most?

The real false prophets are profits and the real God is compassionate not greedy.  It is time we no longer allow corporations and so-called religious to dictate policy because they are loud and pushy.  We need to push back and we can do so with positive and determined effort.  Remember what the people did in Egypt and know the people have the power.