Novel Flow Adventure Continues – Lets Give It A Number – Part Four

The moon was approaching full as I floated off the screen and beyond the range of normal human perceptions.  This is no ordinary life and I must remember that the expansive experiences are more real than the daily routine of living. The off screen version is free of the conditioned past and not concerned about the future.  Yet I took often hang on to the familiar and discount the unusual.

Wait is that a knock at my door?  Not again!  Is someone trying to expose my lack of conformity?  The little kid knows to not trust what adults say.  Sometimes he actually believes me however because he sees me step off the reality wheel and that makes him happy.  Just the mailman delivery another check; yeah I love the flow of money.

Today a mountain lion will contemplated venison tartar but I won’t see him looking.  All kinds of life hide behind what we think we can see.  This blindness may be a peaceful cohabitation. 

The white haired young women with the bold eye lashes pushed hard against my back trying to rid the tension of too many emotions piled up as I carry the weight of those who want help but are too wounded to not bleed feelings everywhere they go.

On that table with the mists of soothing aromas I wanted to leave my body because travel was calling me.  My time was up and so I left peacefully with determination to set off on the journey later. 

The leaving happens easily with the help of my higher Self but there is a deeper journey awaiting that so far I skim the surface of.  This time I ended up in a place called Healing Heaven where people go when they are unconscious or in an induced coma.  This is a place where the still alive go for healing when they are unconscious.  It never occurred to me that a place like this existed.  It still seems odd but a friend name Davy may shed some light here next time we cross paths. 

The day is cool but bright and my body is ready to travel the pathways and trails and running is my chosen method.  As I sit here and write I can feel the energy of movement gearing up.  Nature calls me up in to the hills but my easy rider self wants to cruise instead of work too hard.  Maybe a roller coaster trip is what is called for? 

Back - Cruise guy won out with a few hills but mostly flat. Then I took a longer ride into OBE land and the rest got to be fun.  I seem to keep on coming back to meeting my Self that is not anchored in my ordinary mind.  This is a positive thing and together we seem to like to soar like birds especially over the ocean.  There aren’t too many oceans in Colorado but that doesn’t stop us as we visited a two favorite beaches one called More Mesa in California and another at Ecola State Park in Cannon Beach.  Soaring off these cliffs down toward the ocean is like hang-gliding without a hang glider.  Do you ever dream of flying?

My stomach is singing a chorus from Little Shop of Horrors except my name isn’t Seymour.   Grab the two-for-one promo and let’s roll.  Murphy’s is the joint and tasty food is on the menu.  Dreamland later was spiced by dinner and some love.

Back at the ranch on a Sunday afternoon I wandered toward dreamland and found myself in a place called Anza-Borrego where the desert flowers were dancing to the tune of spring.  As I wandered about I ran into a deep caramel skinned women who introduced herself as Mary Skeptica and I knew something seemed familiar.  She proceeded to tell me that she was a shaman who claimed to occupy my feminine side.  This was news to me but then again how many guys seek a relationship with their inner feminine? 

Maybe we should form a book club or something I suggested.  We both laughed and she sat me down for a pointed lesson she felt I needed to hear.

I woke up grasping onto the ideas she shared and promised myself to sit down and write notes about the insights I gained.  Distraction followed and here I sit scratching my head trying to remember the conversation.  The one thing I do remember other then her name and relationship to me it that I can go back their an meet her.  Looks like I will be heading to the desert instead of a dessert later.