Be Inspired By The Best Ideas For A Good Life

Yeah it’s Friday!  Today’s post topic came to me yesterday and it seems to fit with this week of lists that are meant to encourage and inspire you and I to be even more fully realized in our life.  So what are the best ideas and what makes them so?  Where do we find these inspirational gems and how do we integrate them into our lives? 

As I write this I have don’t have the answers to these questions and no idea what will be on this list but I have come to really trust the wisdom that flows when I am open.  This same wisdom flows through all of us when we are open to the collective wisdom of humankind and the universe.

Let’s see what ideas come flowing out.  Some may be similar to lists below.  So here it goes:

  1. Remember each day to totally love and accept yourself, this is a top priority
  2. Live today as if is the most important day of your life, it is, so be fully present to it
  3. Be thankful for each day and for the life force that flows through you
  4. Reprogram your self-talk and thoughts so they are completely encouraging, positive and expansive
  5. Start each day with a positive intention and a clear vision of the results you want to create
  6. Make compassion and kindness your goal in your relationships and in all your interactions with others
  7. Express your purpose with passion and make a difference in some way daily
  8. Find and explore inner practices that help you tune in and be at peace
  9. Acknowledge and accept all of your emotions as ok
  10. Do what you love and you will love what you do
  11. Seek clarity, self-awareness and higher levels of consciousness and express the divine within you
  12. Make it your top goal to spread love and joy everywhere you go throughout your day

What would you add to this list?