Ego Dominated Governments Are Not Sustainable

The world of false governments is starting to unravel.  These ego-dominated structures are coming apart because they are not sustainable.  All empires collapse because they are run by the ego minds of mentally unhealthy human beings.  If you look at history you see all wars are caused by the minds of hate, revenge and lust for power which is the ego-mind at work.  In Egypt, Libya, and the unrest in the Middle East this is all about the ego of people crushing those who oppose their power.  The governor in Wisconsin is run by his ego-mind thinking the people who want fair wages are the problem for his bad management of the budget.  

All of this energy of uprising is about the consciousness of the people.  We who think and question can see that those in power and influence want more power and influence.  They are just doing what they know how to do: they know how to use money to seek power.   Money is not the root of evil even though churches tell people that so people give them their money.  The true danger is the human mind stuck in ego mode lusting for more wealth and power.

What can a person do to make a positive difference when it seems that greed and power are running the show.  

Realize greed and power will be toppled as easily as Mr. Mubarak in Egypt if you and I and the people decide to do so.  This transformation will be challenging but a house of cards (run by the ego mind) is a house of cards.  Find and join an organization or start one that is about empowering the people for positive changes.

It is time for us all to become the major influence of government not the corporations that are run by greed and power.  Now we have a government by whoever has the most financial influence. This is not a democracy but a plutocracyA true democracy is one person, one vote.  Get involved in election and government reform.  Hold your elected officials accountable for the decisions they make and the influence funds they take.

Make a commitment to become a fully conscious human being. Be mindful: when you are letting your ego run you; notice when fear, anger or impatience is in charge (that is ego using emotions); watch when you need to be right and in control (ego at work); if you find yourself in a peaceful or compassionate place this means you are living in the present where higher consciousness resides.

When taking action do so from a peaceful compassion, from a non- judging acceptance of self and others.  We are all brothers and sisters of the Earth so let love be the source of empowerment.  Together with passionate purpose our hearts can enlighten all of our actions.

Our education system and mental health and addictions programs all need to be better supported and funded.  This assures a better future for all of us.  Become an advocate for any programs that promote improving education and the well-being of those who are troubled. 

Today, in these times, we must have our higher natures be the guiding force.  Spending time in quiet contemplation will bring each of us energy and inspiration.