Moving Past The Old Self-Doubt

What if you woke up one day and realized that you are an unlimited spirit?  This spiritual essence is covered by a thin layer called your physical body and personality.  How would that change the way you see yourself?  What would be different about the way you live your life knowing that your spirit was what mattered most?  How would you go about more fully realizing this spirit in you?

Is the truth of who you are in your thoughts?  Are you what flows from your heart?  Are your feelings who you are?  If spirit is who you are, what do you do with your personality and how do you take care of your body?

Questions, questions, questions, is that the way to understand?  Maybe or maybe not but it seems of great value to at least stretch the mind.   Your deeper knowing is most likely not from the part of you called the rational mind.

There is a higher knowing (spirit) beyond the habitual and ego run thought parade.  This knowing is not from figuring things out but rather awakening to a higher understanding.  It is an awakening more to our original nature, to our higher expression, to the spirit within us.

I have probably said the above in a number of ways in other posts and often the writing on these Web pages serve as a practice of exploration for me.  I don’t claim to know but I am often thankfully guided beyond my ordinary mind. This knowing beyond my ordinary mind is something I have come to trust after many years of uncertainty.  I find it interesting to note how much it takes to offset the imposed limits of my early years.  Where does all this self-doubt come from?

Do you struggle with self-doubts, self-judgment, and others forms of wayward thinking and self-talk?  If so you are just like everybody I know.  That may be comforting or not but changing the self-doubt sometimes seems like the work of a lifetime.  The following are 17 ways to shorten the path from self-doubt to a healthy sense of self:

  1. Stopping believing your thoughts, they are not real
  2. Turn your self-talk into the language of positive support and encouragement
  3. Acknowledge and respect all the feelings you have, there are no bad feelings
  4. Turn off the endless judging of your ego-mind, practice accepting and appreciating people, things and as they are
  5. Stop all blaming and complaining and figure out what you can to take responsibility and positive action
  6. Listen to your intuition, your heart’s wisdom and your higher knowing 
  7. Find your inner stillness, spend quiet time with yourself, there is much to enjoy in silence
  8. Be as fully present as you can throughout your day, being in the now is naturally uplifting
  9. Workout daily to energize your body and expand your fitness, a healthy body makes you feel ready for life’s challenges
  10. Do what you love to do, if possible each day and you will enjoy yourself
  11. Spend time in nature and feel your connection to the world around you
  12. Ignore all beliefs systems that focus on what is wrong with human beings because they are misguided and limiting
  13. Develop an ongoing conversation with your spirit and get in touch with who you really are
  14. Find work that has purpose and do it with passion
  15. Open yourself to the rich abundant flow of the universe knowing you deserve the best
  16. Discover what makes you feel at peace inside
  17. Follow what makes you feel alive and happy

It seems to me these above ways are so much more real than many of the ideas and beliefs you and I have been taught.  Explore them and let me know what you discover.