Does Egypt Mean Hope For Us?

Egypt is on everyone’s mind if they pay attention to the news.  This change of power that will come about speaks to the power of the people.  The people have risen up because they wanted freedom from a repressive regime.  This regime has been feed over $2 Billions dollars a year most of which went to the Egyptian Military and that money got spend on weapons systems made by US corporations.  This has been a giant government entitlement program for companies like Lockheed Martin and General Dynamics.  Checkout Amy Goodman one of the only real investigative reporter left for more.

There are many well-educated young people in Egypt who can’t find work and they seem to be a leading force for change.  Economics and the will of the people are powerful and in this case it seems to be leading to the downfall of a government that quit meeting the needs of the people. 

These happenings bring a sense of hope for the greater good when a strong military country like Egypt goes the way of the people. 

I know there are powerful forces in this nation that are tired of the rhetoric of those who seem only to care about more power and greater profits.  Just maybe, no leadership in any nation in these times of global awareness can be heartless and greedy for long without the people saying this is not right and it is time for change. 

We all can have much courage if we are in touch with our heart and our higher nature.  This courage will guide us when it is time for change and we will come together to make that happen.  Greed and hunger for power are lesser forces than our hearts and higher consciousness.