Super Bowl And The Unity Of All Things

Now that was a fun Super Bowl Game with lots of scoring and good play.  The halftime show was mediocre because the creative expression of music lost out to big stage hype.   Now its Sunday evening as I sit down to compose this and I am still under the buzz of too many hours in front of a TV.  I feel like I have to reactivate my brain after it was put on hold for the last four hours.  Maybe a brisk walk out in the cold crisp night will jump start the mind and open me to a creative flow.  I’m off to give that a try. 

I am back and after a 40 minute walk in 20degree weather I feel more tired than energized for writing but before I head upstairs for bed I want to share an experience I had today.

This afternoon I was doing my out-of-body practice when I had a very interesting encounter.  I was lying there going into a deep and relaxed state with a thought that I wanted to have contact with my higher nature.  I soon felt a hand grasp mine and pull me away from my body.  This energy then pulled me along and we floated upward.  Soon we arrived at this beautiful garden and we sat together on this bench.  I realize sitting my not be exactly what we did since neither of us had a physical body.

Sitting there and conversing it soon became clear to me that my higher self and I have the ability to be in constant communication, which would be a really good thing.  We talked as if we were one and also like partners on a journey (we are.)  I had this insight that my higher nature or Self and my ordinary self only were separated by a thin veil of beliefs and it was time to remove any barriers.  The next image that came to mind was my two two selves sitting in a garden in the middle of my heart.  I also felt that this journey today was more an inner journey and I wanted to have more experiences like this. These images and insights felt calming and reassuring.  As I write this my thought was, it is time to fully appreciate all that I am.

In this conversation, I learned that not only was I close to my higher Self but also close to the great creative force of the universe.  This Great Spirit and I are also one.  This awareness helped me expand into a unity consciousness of us all being connected to each other.  We are all one from the Great Source to you and I and tuning into the oneness seems very encouraging.

My commitment is to each day spend time in aligning with this place of conscious awareness of the unity of all things and to open to the wisdom and flow of that unity.  Would you join me?