Infinite Creativity And A Novel Approach

Today I wanted to follow up on my post from yesterday about my experience of dialoguing with my higher Self.  In this dialogue there was a soothing comfort and I noticed this comfort in my breathing.  It felt like ordinary me and Self were breathing in harmony.  This harmonies breathing brought with it a great sense of well-being.  Of course these two aspects of me were breathing together since they are really just ideas but this breathing felt more expansive. 

I want to see if I can duplicate that unified breathing experience as I go through my day.  I sense that breathing as I sit here, close my eyes and settle back into a place of inner comfort imagining the garden in my limitless heart.  The question is, can I do that without closing my eyes and tuning out the world around me? 

The other idea floating about my mind on my run yesterday was the concept of infinite creativity and as I looked around I saw the beauty and abundance of both human creativity and the natural creations from a more powerful source.  I suspect this urge to be creative and express ourself is an aspect of our larger Self.  I had this thought about Self and creative expression as I wandering about a bookstore and specifically while skimming a book on poetry as spiritual practice.  I was struck by all the creative energy that flowed to write all these books around me. 

My mind then raced ahead thinking about my favorite genre, which are books with stories that uplift, inspire, and move us to a higher level of consciousness.  My next thought was I want to write another novel and give this underlining theme of books that enlighten a further exploration. 

Now my mind is touching into the creative flow and I think about writing the novel live here at my blog and see how that works.  I wonder if I can write it word by word like I write this blog with a focus on being present and seeing what ends up on the screen?  So here goes my first experiment:


There was a tug on my shoulder from behind, my fight or flight mechanism went on high alert and I jumped up and spun around to defend myself.  There was no body there but certainly some thing was in my space.  I sputtered out some kind of air-depleted demand wanting to know what the hell was going on.

In another moment I was lying on my back like Sonny Liston.  There dancing over me out of a sudden mist was a blue skinned woman in a sari, laughing as if she was really enjoying herself.

Oh no not you again! I said and soon we were nose to nose. 

In the next moment I woke up and instantly remembered I had been traveling in my sleep.  I got up to move around and felt a demanding hunger for some Chicken Korma.  Off I went to the café across the street where I often go to settle my anxiety with a plate of food.

It isn’t easy being intuitive in a world where most people actually believe the nonsense of their own bonehead thoughts.  But somebody has to help wake people up, the alternative is more ditsy ex-governors talking through their backsides.  Yikes are people that dumb?

Somewhere on another planet Bill O tries to explain the existence of the moon avoiding any rational thought.  The Faux News Network stumbles in the ratings because they can’t remember what values they do believe in and if the truth even exists.  

There I go again expecting people to utilize at least some form of critical thinking once in a while. 

Then my damn alarm goes off and I realize I was just in a dream of another dream while my body floated somewhere above Greenland watching the polar cap melt.  Not exactly exciting, nor is Greenland very green.   I hate alarm clocks so I grab it, jump up and move to my ready for launch stance.  As the clock is ready to go airborne I notice below an elder lady in my flight plan and abort the mission. 

“Christ you know it ain’t easy,” for John, Yoko or me.


That was a fun alphabetical romp; see you tomorrow.