This Blog Is About Peace And Purpose Realized

The last few days I have been thinking about how I can more fully express my purpose of promoting peace through expanding compassion in the world, by raising my own consciousness and spreading that consciousness wherever I go, by finding ways for us all to deepen our connection to each other and how to do this creatively.  That is my expanded 4 C’s approach to a better and more peaceful world, through compassion, consciousness, connections and creativity. 

My wife Bobbi and I are totally dedicated to the purpose of spreading peace through these 4 C’s.  We are putting together a plan that will impact as many people as we can with the urge, interest and intention of expanding their hearts, raising their consciousness, exploring their connections to each other, and expressing all of this is creative and inspirational ways. 

The Peace Tweets book on this blog is the joint effort of my wife and I and several others who share our passion for peace.  Please sign-up today by sharing your email with us and we promise to only use your email to send you ideas and products that we ourselves create or co-create with others that share similar motivations, passions and purposes.  We want to take what we do up a notch and offer you more ways to participate in what we are doing.  These times are calling us loudly to do and be more of what we have to offer. 

We want to be of service to you: by helping you more fully express the compassion of your heart, by offering you ideas and inspiration that invites deeper awareness and higher consciousness, by inviting you to engage more fully with the world around you and go in search of common ground and connection, and by assisting you to more fully expressing yourself through creativity.   Peace is a natural outcome of open hearts, of higher consciousness, of deeper connections to each other, and of creativity in the form of exploring our potential.

Today and every day forward we travel with a renewed effort to leave the world a better place.  Please join us as our new paths of expression unfold so that together we can all more fully realize our potential and power to be positive forces for change in a world that can seem to be out of control.  What’s out of control is our minds and the planet and all it family of life will be ok if we are ok in our thinking and open in our hearts.

Peace, Freedom and Joy to You