What Is Personal Freedom?

Lately I have been thinking and feeling a need for more freedom in my life.  My life feels stuck in patterns, habits and a 40-hour week and not moving towards more flow.  I sense that I need to realign what I am doing in a way that will shake things up.  Do you every feel that way?  What is it I want?  What is it that you want?  What is a free human being?   

I am a free human being:

Free to choose my own beliefs

Free to think my own thoughts

Free to feel what I feel

Free to find my own truth

Free to love everyone

Free to do what I want

Free to have my own view of reality

Free to look at the world differently

Free to have compassion for all who suffer

Free of all labels others may place on me

Free to not judge

Free to create each day

Free to be my own boss

Free to travel and have new adventures

Free to imagine a better world

Free of the need for approval of others

Free of the constraints of religion

Free of explore all my potential

Free to follow the flow of life

Free to express my uniqueness

Free of corporate dominance

Free to be happy as much as I want to be

Free to dream and pursue that dream

Free of the doubts of others

Free of debt

Free of the childhood conditioning that limits me

Free to have whatever values matter to me

Free of self-doubt

Free to be powerful

Free to be comfortable being social

Free to ask others for help

Free to appreciate

Free to be fully present in my life

Free to be totally healthy

Free to live each moment as fully as possible

Free to explore whatever I want to explore

Free to grow in whatever way I want to grow

Free to seek higher consciousness in my own way

Free to find my own path and do my own thing

Free to enjoy the silence of the moment

Free to question everything

Free to take it easy and to relax

Free to play and enjoy life

Free to be who I am

Free to enjoy financial freedom

Free to have success in what matters to me

Free to help others in many ways

Free to not live up to the expectations of others

Free to soar to my highest expression

Freedom is a wonderful way to live in the world.  Why don’t you all be free together?