Is There Danger In The Land Of Preferences?

It seems we humans especially in the West have lots of preferences.  We prefer certain kinds of food, people, religions, political parties, entertainment, lifestyles, exercise programs, shoes etc.   Preferences are almost all created by our thoughts and are what we think we want.  Interestingly people can get quite uncomfortable if they don’t get what they want.   Some people actually prefer that others have the same preferences they do.

Where does these ideas come from that certain religions, political viewpoints, cultures and lifestyles are not right if they are different then what we prefer?  It is as if others are expected to think and believe as we do.  Why would someone expect that of another? 

What got me thinking about this was all the talking heads on the radio and the TV that are so sure they have the right ways of viewing the world.  These opinionaters badmouth those who see the world differently.  In truth each of us has the right to choose to see whatever we are seeing in whatever way we want.  Those who profess preferences in viewpoint bring judgment to those who think differently.  Is that judging of others ok or it is about thinking of themselves as better than others who don’t agree with them.  Is this ultimately about wanting to control others to think like they do?  Why is it so important to see yourself as right and others as wrong?

Preferences like Mexican food over Chinese are insignificant but when it come to bashing people who are Muslim, or who don’t believe in the kind of God they profess to believe in seems to be based in fear.   Is this fear about feeling like those who think different or on their own can’t be trusted or controlled?  Is this about the ego wanted to be right and judging others who are free to choose because they are not under the influence of dogma or doctrine?

I really don’t know about all of this but I am suspicious that those who claim to have all the answers should be questioned.  Those that are so sure maybe are trying to convince themselves.  Those that judge others maybe too often are judging self.   I find it uncomfortable to sit and watch those that are sure they are right because they have closed down their hearts and minds.  These experts on what is right too often seem run by rigid thinking and the ego’s need for control then by higher consciousness.

I have for the last almost 40 years been studying human nature and exploring the great truths and all I can be sure of is that there are few clear answers and always more to learn and explore.  If I close my mind down I will not be open to greater awareness and knowing.  If I close my heart down I will miss connecting at a deeper level to myself and those I care about. 

Today, I want to suggest that preferences don’t matter and that what does matter is that we remain open to learning and to growing into a deeper understanding of what we can know.  As long as we keep on growing we remain open to all that is possible.  We sure need greater possibilities because there are many things going on in the world that could be much better.  You and I are the ones that need to keep open and help make positive things happen.