10 Ways To Move Away From Self-Doubt

Where does all this seemingly endless self-doubt come from?  How do we break the cycle of doubting ourselves, wondering if we are good enough, if we are doing an ok enough job, if we are an adequate enough parent, family member or friend?  Let’s look where some of this self-doubt comes from not as a blaming exercise but in search of further awareness.  It would be helpful to see how we as humans got into this limited and limiting view of self.

Most of us grew up in families where our parents had self-doubt; our schools planted self-doubt in us if school wasn’t easy; our churches trained us to doubt who we are; the news and many other TV programs filled our minds with fear and self-doubt; and usually our peers are full of doubt.  Self-doubt has become so epidemic and ingrained that we may even doubt those who feel ok about themselves. 

Offsetting self-doubt is for many of us the work of a lifetime.  We have been so well trained in doubt about self that the idea of being free of it may seem unlikely.  The following 10 unique ideas can be helpful in moving from self-doubt to self-confidence:

1.  Become mindful of your thoughts knowing that your thoughts create your experience of life.  Change your self-talk from self- doubt to encouragement and support.  An inner cheerleader is a wonderful asset.
2.  Remember you are not the story you tell about yourself.  This is just a learned story and your any inner story of not being enough is not the truth.  Rewrite your story starting today.  Include in this story all of the successes, all the love, and how you made the world a better place up to now and in the future. 
3.  Reconnect to the wisdom of your heart.  Your heart is a powerful source of courage and confidence because of its capacity to see the truth and to have compassion for you and everyone in your life.  Concentrate of spreading love and doubt will dissolve away.
4.  Nourish what in you calls for attention.  Maybe your body needs to be cared for, your heart needs more tenderness, or your desire to commune with spirit is calling you.  Self-care goes a long way to feeling positive about you. 
5.  Seek to find what makes you feel free.  In freedom your sense of self is released from limits.  There is no doubt when you are flowing freely moment-to-moment.  If you set yourself free you enjoy your own company.
6.  Moving towards more simplicity shifts your feelings about yourself because the mind has an easier time settling into peacefulness of the now.   When things are simple you can drop the judgments of the complicated world.
7.  Living in integrity with your values and purpose means the inner conflicts subside.  Integrity feels clean and clear because the baggage of expectations drop away.  Values and purpose bring light into all you do.
8.  Explore ways to come into harmony with yourself and your life.  Appreciate the rhythm of how you move through things and become aware of what your needs are.  Harmonious living sweetens the air of the now by being tuned into self.
9.  Plan for a positive future in which you imagine yourself in the bliss of what you know is right for you.  If you can imagine it, you can start packing because you will move into that reality before long.  See it and let your mind energize it into reality.
10. Play with the part of you that is immortal because it is above the drama and knows how to have a good time.  There is a part of you that was here before this life and will continue after the body comes to rest.  Reside in that expand state where doubt doesn’t even exist.

Self-doubt has held us all back at times.  Now is the time to step into the power of self-confidence.